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    Difficult to imagine there being any interest for these. Still, I'll go through the motions just in case.

    Stavros Xarhakos – Choris Logia, orchestral suite
    Antill – Corroboree (b/w Ginastra - Panambi)
    Peter Maxwell Davies – Piano Sonata (b/w Goehr – Capriccio)
    Vittorio Rieti – Harpsichord Concerto (Sylvia Marlowe at the keys!) DIBS GIVEN
    Donald Erb – Symphony of Overtures (etc.)
    Orrego-Salas – Quartet for B-flat clarinet (etc.) (b/w Roque Cordero – Quintet for Flute (etc.)) DIBS GIVEN
    Bartok – Music for Strings Perc and Celesta (cond – Barenboim)
    Bartok – The 6 String Quartets – No.3 - The Julliard Quintet.
    Britten/ Stravinsky/ Lutoslawski – Vera & Vlastimil Lejsek
    As 14 Mais (vol 26) – Various (incl. “Nappy Head” by the Boogaloo Combo)
    Stavros Xarhakos - Hellespontus
    Jose Luis Gonzalez – Contemporary Guitar Music (Libaek again) DIBS GIVEN
    Alex Scorier – Sax in the Box (see Jan finds)
    Lyrio Panicali – Dancing Teens (ditto)
    Byron Keith Daugherty – Back Door Man (ditto)
    Bobby Montez and His Orchestra – Viva Percussion

    Will probably add couple.
    Will add photos on request. Ditto condition details.

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    Rawsthorne - Trio for Piano, Violin and Cello Cardiff Festival Ensemble (I've never played this. No scratching on casual inspection). DIBS GIVEN
    Minoru Miki - Paraphrase (b/w Yasuji Kiyose - Shakhachi Trio) (looks great -ex+/NM. But quite a bit of popping. Possibly just needs a clean.

    Posted a single LP to the UK today. Circa $20 untracked. Circa $28 tracked.
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      Elizabeth Lutyens - Quincunx b/w Nicholas Maw - Scenes and Arias