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Few Trades (before heading to the market)

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  • Few Trades (before heading to the market)

    Thought I'd give folk a chance to bagsy any of these before I do another sift for what I take down the (rearranged) market at the weekend.

    Not really looking for anything in particular (I've basically abandoned having a Wants list), just let me know what you've currently got spare.

    Really not after anything amazing in exchange, but nor do I want rubbish. If you aim for 'mediocrity', we should be in the right zone. As ever, no need of 1:1 trades, it can be in any ratio that works for both parties.

    However, I must emphasise, that if I send you some records, you are supposed to send me some in exchange - it seems that this part of the dynamic has fallen by the wayside as folk get seduced by FB / Instagram.

    Peddlers has a few surface marks, which mean a few little crackles in the quieter passages. As suspected, I couldn't get on with Radiophonic Workshop. But I tried didn't I? At least I did that much. The white sleeve is a sort of promo of KPM Gentle Sounds Volume Two.

    Jet Boy stole my baby.

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    Am interested in the Radiophonic Workshop and the Sven Libaek. Will PM you with some ideas later!
    "White paper inner sleeve is pristine ..."


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      Peddlers - Suite London
      Jet Boy stole my baby.


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        ON HOLD:

        Sven Libaek
        Apres Ski OST
        Jet Boy stole my baby.