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  • Ben's Random Trades Selection

    Thought I'd chance my arm by listing a few bits and bobs that I'm happy to let go of.

    I'll leave these up here for a couple of weeks, then owt that hasn't found a home can go in my bag to take down the market on 4th August (the remainder will end up as freebies, but that means you'll risk being beaten to the punch when they go live, so trading gives you an advantage there).

    As I've mentioned in my Finds post, I've binned off having a Wants list as it was kind of boring and restrictive, so aside from reggae, I'm kind of open to whatever you've got spare. I appreciate that some of these are not big-hitters, but I thought some of them might still fill gaps in collections. So I'm not expecting to be offered anything too elite!!

    As I always point out, this doesn't have to be 1:1 trading, I'm happy to let numerous items go in exchange for one good one (and vice versa), although it would be nice if the person I send records to would be so kind as to send some back.

    Feel free to ask any questions and I'll do my best to respond quickly.

    The above are a proper VV / VG+ selection. Apologies to all those on here who recommended it, but I'm just not feeling the Gordon Beck RSD release - it's not my kind of thing at all. So let's see if I can swop it for summat that's more my kind of thing.

    These were the best of all the B&Hs that I picked up. The others were very much 'light orchestra' and have already gone in the 'down the market' bag. These are much more likely to find homes on VG+.

    All fairly self-explanatory, no?

    As I mentioned in a recent finds post, I'd already got the MaryAnn Farrar LP (but the one I'm hanging on to is a US copy with slightly rougher vinyl) - funky disco moves.

    Jet Boy stole my baby.

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    Hi Ben, what sort of condition is the Hanged Man LP? Can’t believe I still haven’t found one of these....


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      Ey-oop J,

      Yeah, it's tip-top mate, I've got two copies and that's the better one (at least VG+). I wouldn't palm any guff off on you!

      I'm happy to make do with my other copy, which is VG, and get summat different with the other copy.

      Hope that's helpful.

      Enjoy what's left of the weekend!
      Jet Boy stole my baby.