Another long shot (in the dark) for the sake of those jolly exciting fragments of hope for good old trading on here!
Scrambled some potentially fancy-tickling things. Name it and claim it in case of agitated eagerness.
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Tomasz Stańko, Tomasz Szukalski, Edvard Vesala, Peter Warren ‎– TWET (Muza) free-form experimental
Cătălin Tîrcolea ‎– Zboruri (Electrecord) breaks
Zbigniew Namysłowski - S/T (Muza) breaks
The Andrzej Trzaskowski Quintet - Polish Jazz Vol. 4 (Muza) avantgarde
Prague Big Band, Milan Svoboda ‎– Reminiscences (Supraphon) fusion + breaks
V.V. Systém ‎– Quasar (Opus) fusion
Klaus Lenz ‎– Für Fenz (Amiga) breaks

Pic. 2

The Sovremennik Orchestra under the baton of A. Kroll. A classic. Breaks!
Yuri Saulsky - Incidental music from the movie Back in the sun. Breaks.
Moscow Jazz Festival `78. Record 3. Classic breaks.
Allegro Ansemble - In This World. Mood, fusion, breaks.
Arsenal - A Second Breath. Space fusion.
Arsenal - With Our Own Hands. A corker. The peak of them.
Melodiya Ensemble - Pop Medley. BREAKZ.
Leonid Chizhik - Reminiscences. Bost pop improvisations live
Ganelin/Tarasov - Opus A2. Free jazz.
Mirza Zivere. Soulful zazzy disco breaks. A soviet classic.
Ganelin/Tarasov/Cekasin - Poi Seque. Avantgarde brew.
Kuznetsov/Gromin - Ten Years After. Guitar duo. Mellow, moody, must-have.

Any offers are welcome and appreciated. PM if need.
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