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  • Trades!

    live in concert mission bay high school jazz rock ensemble 1975 ("splanky" & "para los rumberos&quot

    oak park - river forest high school symphony orchestra and jazz band 75-76 ("mexicali noise", flight of the foo birds" "hey jude&quot

    North texas state university live 72-73 w/ mel jones & thad lewis ("2nd race" & "perdido&quot

    pappys haunted house "dude / one more time" mide m- (psych hammond funk in the black chains mode)

    right kind "my money is funny" galaxy vg+ vinyl is cracked but you honestly cant tell, plays perfectly guaranteed (bay area funk, check rehash for a sound clip)

    bernard calvin "greedy pt 1 & 2" tobacand vg++ (great guitar intro… …another virtual unknown – this is a great slightly psychy funk 45. The production is minimalist, but if anything this adds to the track, particularly with the echo vocals on the chorus. There’s an extra bonus for the beatheads with 2 great breakdowns – 1 at the end of side 1 and another on the start of side II. Great male soul vocals too - a double fo mine)

    eddy g giles "soul feeling" murco vg+ (for this summer coming&#33

    the world famous soul upsetters "cabbage greens / k.p." sound of soul vg+ (the final 2 tunes on the rustlers new comp)

    arlean brown "i am a streaker" dud vg++

    grant green "the battle" blue note vg-

    symphonic four "who do you think you're fooling" zudan m-

    curley moore 7 the kool ones "shelley's rubber band / funky, yeah" house of the fox vg++

    les parson "music turns me on' monmore m-

    caution "love ray" m- (huge b-boy beats&#33

    more later! - [email protected]
    High on my own supply.

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    Hi Cal - I'd be interested in this one, please -

    live in concert mission bay high school jazz rock ensemble 1975 ("splanky" & "para los rumberos&quot

    I'll pm you a list soon.


    70s Kid.
    Barry Morgan's brother is a driving instructor


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      caution "love ray" m- (huge b-boy beats&#33

      I'm interested! Will PM you some trades..
      Let him have the lot for £2.00 - we were only going to throw 'em out anyway...