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2 giant records up for trade

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  • 2 giant records up for trade

    I got 2 Giant records with "Queen of Downs" up for trade.
    I found 3 copies during one week at 3 different dealers for $1 a piece.
    Weird stuff, I know. Anyways i only have one turntable so i only need 1 copy.
    I am NOT looking for 45's, hip hop, 12" and so on.
    Only looking for good old classic funk Albums.

    for example:
    roy ayers: Ubiquty
    roy ayers: coffy
    JJ Johnson: willie dynamite
    Pleasure: Dust Yourself Off
    Pleasure: Accept No Substitutes
    Pleasure: Joyous
    meters: Same
    meters: Struttin
    meters: Look-Ka Py Py
    Baby Huey: The Living Legend
    and so on....

    let me know if someone is interested
    the records are in NM condition.

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    hi there

    I'm definitely interested in a copy. If you could give me a day or two I'll see what I can dig up. I might have a Willie Dynamite or Coffy spare.
    We know when a mate buys it for you too.


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      Hi John.
      that sounds good to me.
      just let me know what you got.



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        What zactly is this record like? Scuse my ignorance - I only know the cover not the record.

        (PS have a spare willie d too). <- Changed URL


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          Its the record containing the song &quot;Queen of downs&quot;.
          That track is a psych, rock, funk track with a ill drumbreak, that soulman rocks as one of his favorite breaks I think.

          I also got some rare swedish joints if your interested.
          if so let me know with a PM.


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            Hey, can you pm me I am ready to trade with a giant lp.
            sebastian larsen