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  • Trainers for records?

    Mods if this is inappropriate, please delete.

    I have a brand new pair of Nike trainers that don't fit me (brought 'cos I am an impatient shopper). I think they are Court Classics but I've stupidly thrown the box away. They are plain white, lace up, with a green tick, been worn about 3 times, Size 11.

    I need to get rid of 'em, and wouldn't mind trading for an LP or two. PM me some trades if interested. Can't post a pic right now for various reasons but might bring 'em along to London Brillo if anyone is interested.

    (Ah, image here: - but the tick is slightly different)

    (PS Won't be able to reply till Sunday or Monday 'cos I'm away)
    "As technology has advanced, vinyl records are outdated as they are music from the 19th Century so only hipsters and elderly people buy vinyl records".

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