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  • Trades<<< 12/07/08

    here#s a few new trades -- plus a couple left over from last time:

    RASA - "everything you see is me" (govinda records, 78 ) hare krishna funky soul
    KRZYSTOF KOMEDA - "astigmatic" (muza, 66) gone
    SYRIUS - "szettort almok" (pepita, 76) gone
    CHILD - s/t (jubilee) heavy fudge-like organ psych rock with meaty drums. has a great slow-burning cover of "hold on, im coming". xian?
    MAMA LION - s/t (philips, 72) wailing female vocals with heavy, groovy blues rock. heavy versions of "aint too proud to beg", "aint no sunshine" etc...
    THE AQUARIUS - "hair" (1969) great UK version of hair - includes my favourite version of "let the sunshine in" ever!! on Kon & Amir's 'on track vol4' apparently...
    STOMU YAMASHTA - "come to the edge" (island, 72) gone
    ROCK WORKSHOP - s/t (cbs, 70) uk horn rock with Harry Beckett, Bob Downes etc... P Brothers loops!on hold
    V/A -"flash fearless" (chrysalis, 75) feat alice cooper, elkie brooks, john entwistle - mad space opera thing with funky bits

    JANKO NILOVIC - "jouets musicaux" (MP2000 - 28 ) groovy kiddie music with some mad instruments
    JEAN LAJOIT & M.C. ROBERT - "industries" (MP2000 - 20) ace, sometimes scary, avant library sounds with added electronics
    v/a - "mais la stereophonie, qu'est-ce que c'est?" (readers digest, 73) some vannier-sounding orchestral funk rock nuggets in between a french bloke saying stuff
    TRITONS - "i cant get no satisfaction" (barclay, 73) a wonky downer version of the stones classic. with a hard rocking b-side
    ILLES - "wo ist julia" (amiga, early 70's) hungarian proggers recording in German. b-side is a nice down-tempo flute and sitar number.
    BLACK LABEL - "i hear you knocking" (disc az) one side glammy stomp, the other hard blues rock with nice drums
    FEVER EXPLOSION - "terpsy" (fontana) daft groovy jerk
    THE SHADOWS - "rise and fall of fingel blunt" (columbia, 64) tasty drums on this classic...

    looking for anything with meaty drums that i can play out... psych, prog, horn rock, library, soundtracks, fun 7's etc. especially interested in Eastern Euro stuff...
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    Muchos mixes <<<<


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    If the Komeda goes "unhold" again I'd be interested


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      Mmm - is Rock Workshop going. Working on new trade list. Will let ya know. Cheers amigo.
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        Originally posted by emperor tomato ketchup View Post
        Mmm - is Rock Workshop going. Working on new trade list. Will let ya know. Cheers amigo.
        i'll whack it on hold for you ---
        Muchos mixes <<<<