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  • Here we go again.....

    Here's yet another instalment as the spring-cleaning continues in Bristol....coming soon, lists of 45s and 12's...

    Rocky LPs

    Bugsy Maugh 'Bugsy' (Dot)
    ex-Butterfield Blues Band, mostly white blues, includes sublime 'As We Travel'. Bit crackly.

    Bugsy Maugh 'Inside Bugsy' (Dot)
    with the two tracks just comped by Gareth Cherrystones!!! wooo!

    Smokey John Bull (AVCO)

    Colonel Bagshot 'Oh! What a lovely war' (Cadet Concept)
    w/'six day war'

    Eugene McDaniels 'Outlaw' (Atlantic)
    Virtually mint original US promo copy - 'Cherrystones' etc..

    Savage Grace s/t (Reprise 1970)
    good proggy psych w/ 'all along the watchtower' etc..

    Paul Butterfield 'Put it in your ear' (Bearsville)
    1975 LP

    The Seven 'The song is song -the album is album' (Thunderbird)
    very funky horn-rock - six-minute 'song for my father' etc. small label.

    New Heavenly Blue (Atlantic)

    Steely Dan 'Deacon Blues/Josie' (ABC 12&quot

    Family 'Old Songs, New Songs' (Reprise)

    Heavy Metal Kids (Atantic)
    Rawk from 1974.

    Various 'Rock of the Ages' (Polydor)
    Good comp with Hendrix, Velvet Underground,  Richie Havens, Area Code 615 etc

    Jazzy/souly/funky LPs

    Don Covay 'Super Dude 1' (Mercury)
    solid funky soul lp from 1973

    Sarah Vaughan 'Feelin' good' (Mainstream 1972)
    'Easy Evil' etc

    Mahavishnu Orchestra 'Inner Worlds' (CBS)
    UBB cut 'Planetary Citizen'...

    Fatback Band 'Yum Yum' (Polydor)
    'Yum Yum', 'Let the Drums Speak' etc...1975

    Hamilton Bohannon 'Bohannon's Best' (London)
    what it says on the tin - 1975 compilation

    KC and the Sunshine Band 'Do it good' (Jay Boy)
    'Sound your funky horn', 'Queen of Clubs' etc etc etc

    Artistics 'Make my life over' (Brunswick)
    sweet soul lp from 1970

    Merry Clayton 'Keep your eye on the sparrow' (Ode)
    Idris Muhammed, Bob James, Ralph McDonald etc...1975

    Blue Mitchell 'Many Shades of Blue' (Mainstream 1974)
    Seldon Powell, Wilbur Bascomb, Joe Beck etc...south african copy.

    Wilson Lewes Trio 'The Shadow of your smile' (Diplomat)
    low-budget early Ramsey Lewis knock-off

    Spyrogyra s/t (Infinity)
    1977 jazz-funk-rock-fusion

    Stylistics s/t (Avco)
    'People make the world go round'

    Love Unlimited Orchestra 'Music maestro please' (20th century)

    Donna Summer 'Love to love you baby' (Casablanca)
    16.50 version takes up whole of one side.

    Hi-Tension 'Hi-Tension' (Island)
    UK soul/disco/jazz-funk lp from 1978 - 'British Hustle' etc - complete with poster.

    Dorothy Moore (Epic)
    licensed from Malaco

    Art Jerry Miller 'Rated X' (Enterprise)
    Decent Young-Holt style piano/organ jazz on Stax subsiduary.

    Ernie Agosto 'Ernie's Conspiracy' (Vaya)
    Hard NY salsa from 1972. US original.

    Ernie Agosta 'La Conspiracion' (Vaya)
    More hard NY salsa. Venezuelan copy.

    King Erricsson 'L.A.Bound' (Westbound)
    w/classic Roxanne Shante break 'Well, have a nice day'

    Various 'Disco-tech volume 1' (Motown)
    Marvin Gaye, Eddie Kendricks, Shorty Long, Spinners....

    Louis Bellson '150 MPH' (Concord)

    Australian Bits

    Marcia Hines 'Marcia Shines' (Wizard)
    her first LP - 'You got to let go', 'But it's alright', Easy evil', Jumping Jack Flash' etc

    John Cadman Trio 'On the Harbour' (AMCO)
    house band of Sydney floating restaurant - breaky cover of Bar-Kays 'Humpin'

    Doug Parkinson's Southern Star Band 'I'll Be Around'
    'I'll be around', 'Riff Raff'

    Gordon Langford 'Production Music Disc No. 1' (Chandos )

    Contemporary Pastoral and Ethnic Sounds (Coloursound CS2)

    'Regeneration - Synthese Electrique' (MP 2000)
    Roger Davy / Albert Assayag

    Steel Bands

    Jamaican All Stars 'Jamaica Steel Drums' (Polydor)
    Trinidad Old Oak Casablanca Steel Orchestra 'Steel Appeal' (Ashanti)
    Caraibes Steel Band (Barclay)
    Original Tropicana Steel Band 'Hot Steel' (Polydor)

    Soundtracks / Other Stuff

    Various 'Film Hits 1976' (EMI India)
    Bollywood compilation

    Roy Budd 'Concerto for Harry' (Pye)
    'Carey Treatment' etc...

    Drum Drops Volume 1 (Music Tree)

    Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (Liberty)
    with sitar on side one

    David Fanshawe 'African Sanctus' (Phillips)
    a classic, and a really nice copy too.

    Hair (Hallmark)

    Hair (London Cast / Readers' Digest)

    Various 'Flying High' (Atlantic)
    Atlantic / Japan Airlines comp. with Led Zeppelin,

    Easy Bits
    Howard Blaikley Orchestra 'Silhouettes of Success' (Rediffusion International)
    Orchestral versions of all their compositions

    Various - a Glorious Musical Preview (Morgan)
    Voices in Latin, Excursion etc.

    Geoff Love 'Favourite TV Themes' (MFP)

    Ronnie Aldrich 'Two Pianos Today' (Decca Phase 4)

    James Last 'Music from around the way' (Polydor)
    Shocking! But with a barely passable break.

    Gunter Kallman Chorus 'Once in each life' (Polydor)
    'Aquarius', 'Windmills of your Mind' etc..

    Various 'Thrill to the sensational sound of Super Stereo' (CBS)
    Andre Brasseur 'Holiday', Mongo Santamaria 'Louie Louie' etc

    Raymond Lefevre and his orchestra (Major Minor)
    'Whiter shade of pale', 'Groovin'....

    Blue Mink/Morgan Superstars 'Melting Pot of Hits' (Fontana)
    'Melting Pot', 'Instant Karma', 'Let It Be'

    Lars Tiselius 'Hammond Dance Party' (Joy)
    Amazing cosmic nude sleeve

    Sounds Orchestral 'Cast your fate to the wind' (WRC)
    John Schroeder/Johnny Pearson

    Bruce Baxter / Sonic All-Stars 'Sounds of Star Wars' (Pickwick)

    Geoff Love 'Star Wars and other space themes' (MFP)
    'Space 1999' / 'UFO' / 'Barbarella' etc.

    Geoff Love's Big Disco Sound 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind' (MFP)
    'Omega Man', 'Flight Fantastic', 'Solar Sailor', 'Cantina Band' etc

    Geoff Love 'Bond Movie Themes' (MFP)
    'OHMSS' etc

    Raymond Lefevre and his orchestra (Major Minor)

    101 Strings play hits of today (Marble Arch)
    Simon and Garfunkel covers, mostly.

    New Cascading Strings(John Gregory) 'Amazing Grace' (Phillips)
    Harry Stoneham, Ray Davies etc...

    Johnny Mann Singers 'Heart Full of Song' (Sunset)
    includes bizarre cover of the Yardbirds' 'Heart full of Soul'

    Button Down Brass 'This Guy's in Love with You' (Fontana)
    'Hurdy Gurdy Man' etc.

    Eric Winstone 'Supersonic Sounds' (Avenue)

    Stereo Gold Award
    Big Jim 'H' 'Hammond Organ Dance Party'
    'Blues for the Keyboard'

    Big Jim 'H' 'Dance Party Hammond Hits'
    'Jungle Fever'

    Tony Mansell Singers 'Hits from Burt Bacharach with love'

    Lightning Red 'Super Guitar of...'

    Amazonas play Santana

    Chaquito 'Big, Big Sound of...'

    Ray McVay 'Come Dancing to the Pops'
    'Return of Django'

    Norrie Paramor 'Law Beat'

    undoubtedly more to come.... [B]
    We know when a mate buys it for you too.

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    Originally posted by [b
    Quote[/b] (john stapleton @ April 18 2004,21:53)]Colonel Bagshot 'Oh! What a lovely war' (Cadet Concept)
    w/'six day war'

    Drum Drops Volume 1 (Music Tree)
    Wouldn't mind a shot at these two John.
    (check my trades)



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      Are you coming along to Brillo on monday john? If so could you bring

      Bugsy Maugh 'Inside Bugsy' (Dot)
      Savage Grace s/t (Reprise 1970)
      The Seven 'The song is song -the album is album' (Thunderbird)

      Otherwise a blast down the phone would do. <- Changed URL


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        Originally posted by [b
        Quote[/b] (john stapleton @ April 18 2004,21:53)]Gordon Langford &#39;Production Music Disc No. 1&#39; (Chandos )

        Contemporary Pastoral and Ethnic Sounds (Coloursound CS2)
        What sort of thing could persuade you to part with these? Bear in mind my trades are shockingly mediocre......


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          Hi John

          I know we&#39;re still in the middle of a lengthy trade, but could I have a go at:

          Eugene McDaniels &#39;Outlaw&#39; (Atlantic)
          Virtually mint original US promo copy - &#39;Cherrystones&#39; etc..

          Did you get my last e-mail???
          There MUST be a Hymns-A-Swingin' in this box...


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            Hi John,

            You still got this one??

            Mahavishnu Orchestra &#39;Inner Worlds&#39; (CBS)
            UBB cut &#39;Planetary Citizen&#39;...

            Hit me up a PM to confirm and I can swop for that Cross &amp; Switchblade LP you were after...

            Thanks mate&#33;
            Funk and Disorderly


            • #7
              cross and switchblade for inner worlds? damn son hit me up, i&#39;ll give you like 10 copies


              • #8
                lol. Two would do&#33;&#33; ;-). Easy come easy go&#33; (He says clutching onto pride and other copy of cross and switchhblade).
                Funk and Disorderly


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                  how bouts a sealed one?


                  • #10
                    I would like theese. Check your PM&#33;

                    David Fanshawe &#39;African Sanctus&#39; (Phillips)
                    a classic, and a really nice copy too.

                    Drum Drops Volume 1 (Music Tree)

                    Chaquito &#39;Big, Big Sound of...&#39;


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                      How about your original French copy of the &quot;Planete Sauvage&quot; OST, Staplescum ??

                      It was mine, and nearly in my grap, until you and your sinister record shop lackey prised it from me by way of some sinister and unspeakable conspiracy.

                      Since I&#39;ve held it against you ever since, I would guesstimate that the only razor-slim chance you have of saving yourself from certain purgatory is sending me the LP right away.

                      BECAUSE I FOUND IT FIRST.[U]


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                        We know when a mate buys it for you too.


                        • #13
                          Denial won&#39;t save you from the great satan and his inquisitors. Or their flaming tridents. Oh no. . .


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                            (not denial, just have no idea what you&#39;re on about....)
                            We know when a mate buys it for you too.


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                              I just emailed you about this Stapleton. I doubt you will want to share your shame with the rest of the group. They might feel slightly soiled by the sordidness of it all.

                              I emailed you about it anyway. Since you seem to be about 550% of the record geek I am, you should feel my pain acutely.