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  • Trades anyone?

    I'm offering up a few doubles to make way for even more black stuff :

    kandaher - s/t - belgian sounds superb

    wonderful jazz-rock fusion with a - dare i say it - placebo edge to it.  highly regarded for "down at the finckles" and "the fancy model". this is the later issue with the better sleeve not the first private pressing

    blue mitchell - heads up! - us blue note

    funky jazz that was used by the umc's back in the day

    stars - s/t - barclays

    good funky rock that's gone into eBay overdrive for the moogy "platform soul"

    cold blood - sisyphus - us san fransisco

    funky rock that everyone should know.. "shop talk", "funky on my back", etc

    scott bradford - rock - us probe

    misleadingly titled funky-ish  jazz with two good nathan davis compositions

    focus - mother focus - uk polydor

    erm.. proggy

    jack bruce - things we like - uk polydor standard

    uk bluesy jazz that was very popular with those NY sampler types

    eri okam - conscience - sunny alade

    king sunny ade related african business

    king sunny ade - explosion! - sunny alade


    various - african moves - stems

    compilation of 1980's african flavours

    pm me if you're interested in any.. looking for similar-ish trades.  oh, they're all mint / excellent condition btw.

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    I wouldn't mind a punt on the Stars Lp if it's still in your posession. Let me know, I have some half decent trades that I can pm you.



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      yup, most are still available, drop me a pm with your trades.


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        Trades pm'd


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          scott bradford has been snapped up by chris vulture who, eagle eyed as ever, noted the title should be "rock slides" and not "rock" - sorry if i caused any confused scratching of heads as to what the "rock" album was!

          in the post monday chris.. have a good w/end!


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            kandaher - s/t - belgian sounds superb
            stars - s/t - barclays

            wouldn't mind these two if they haven't already been snapped?


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              Originally posted by [b
              Quote[/b] (DJ Sheep @ May 01 2004,03:32)]kandaher - s/t - belgian sounds superb
              stars - s/t - barclays

              wouldn't mind these two if they haven't already been snapped?
              hi mate

              stars is reserved but kandahar is still available if you wanna drop me your trades list...

              incidentally, the album title for the kandahar lp is "long live the sliced ham", not kandahar as previously indicated


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                If you didn't manage to trade with my man Sheep, I would be interested by the Kandahar LP. Please visit my web site for trades (