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  • Moogy stuff to trade

    Some moog exotica to trade:

    "Romantic Moog" Tony Bagwell on Contour
    "Go Moog" Elektrik Cokernut on MFP

    These are both doubles I've picked up. As a lover of moog-cheese I'm rather into the versions of "What the world needs now is love" and "Popcorn" on these respective albums. Will swap to two for one if it come to it.

    Also looking to offload:

    "Stereo Space Odyssey" on Stereo Gold Award (apparently features a synth somewhere)
    "Smash Hits Presley Style" on MFP
    "This is: James Last on Polydor. Only bought this cos I liked the way he parted his hair.

    I'm not too fussed about what I swap for - big lover of cheese, anything with moogs, flute solos, or anything on Phase 4. Will be quite happy to swap for a ropey Harry Stoneham LP, but draw the line at Mrs Mills though.

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    I ogt some mexican cheese lounge LP's for trade and sale. One of which is an LP entitled Popcorn which features a cover Gershon Kingsley complete with a latin beat


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      latin popcorn sounds nice, what sort of thing are you after for it