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  • Trades

    a mixed bag! call up if you want to hear anything. also got quite a few lps including a few from that old schoolhouse funk comp.

    ricky allen - no better time than now (one way)
    fantasticks - cry night & day (forte)
    fabulous rhythm makers - mini mini afro twist (forte)
    dawn & sunset - move in the room (DT&V)
    jimbo jackson & violators - popcorn (brainstorm)
    dynasonics - you got it (dynamics)
    caroline peyton / intuition lp
    the rolling tones s/t on international sounds (west indian folk disco funk lp&#33
    alex williams / soul strut (soul track)
    cool rush / happiness in disguise (ndugu)
    pick of the litter / many sides of love (mason)
    downbeats / soul fool / i can't hear your love (downbeat)
    real thing / international love song (whiz)
    simon park / barracuda (BBC)
    new people / dinkleberry kid (love) very few known copies of this according to adam leaverÂ… but not my thing!
    i.u. soul revue / tell me about it (afro american arts institute)
    full moon / the heavy scuffle's on (douglas)
    soul senders / low blow (anla, picture sleeve)
    broad street gang / fair skin man (cougar)
    detroit night riders / night time in the ghetto / getting funky (mutt)
    buck / i can't quit your love (playboy)
    monetreys and dolls / time to get down (ngc)
    buddy mcknight / everytime (renfro)
    amboy dukes / marquis (polydor)
    little tommy t lets loose (franklin) this is a drum solo both sides!
    un dos tres yÂ… fuera / machu picchu (discolando)
    family / nation time / family affair (north bay)
    willard burton / warm the pot / let me be your pacifier (money)
    world war III / if the bomb falls (dee' os)
    jonathon / trackin' (catalyst)
    billy guy & the coasters / take it greasy (sal-wa)
    billy sha-rae / do it (spectrum)
    jae's soul / sintonia en soul (san diego) rare spanish funk
    frankie beverley / people in the know / understanding (gregar)
    confidentials / does he really love you (masterpiece)
    family plann / shake it up / sneaking out the back door
    gwen kousar / hard way (stork)
    High on my own supply.

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    Originally posted by [b
    Quote[/b] (cal @ Oct. 29 2004,13:23)]caroline peyton / intuition lp
    interested in this sir!
    We know when a mate buys it for you too.


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      Hey Cal

      I believe I still need to wing a list of trades your way. I'll get a list off to you this eve..

      Let him have the lot for £2.00 - we were only going to throw 'em out anyway...


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        vibra, no worries, send it over -

        john, its yours! still got iron knowledege 'showstopper'?

        and anyone coming down to next monday's brillo? bring trades!
        High on my own supply.


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          also got that chevron oil drums lp if anyone wants it -
          High on my own supply.


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            if john doesnt get that Caroline Peyton off you, id definetly like a try at it.

            hes got enough damn records anyway. he jumps on everything