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    Chester Randle - Soul Brother Testify (Anla)
    1619 B.A.B - World (Brown Sugar)
    Carl Carlton - Wild Child (Back Beat)
    Piney Brown - Everything But You (Deep Groove)
    The Bonnevilles - Play It Cool (Now)
    Hands Of Time - This Love For Real (Inner City)
    The Headhunters - God Made Mr Funky (Arista)
    Laurel Aitken - Mr Popcorn (Newbeat)
    Laurel Aitken - Reggae Popcorn (Newbeat)
    Darrow Fletcher - Now Is The Time For Love (Genna)
    Tiny Watkins - Fine Driving Machine (Excello)
    Van Harris - Hey Hey (ABC)
    Jodarettes - Whats In The Box - (Jocida)
    Chuck A Luck - Whip Ya - (Tayster)
    Herb Johnson - Damph Faint (Soul Fire Reissue)
    Sir Stan - Soulin' (Magnum)
    Noble Knights - Sing A Simple Song (Cotillion)
    Eula Cooper - Shake Daddy Shake (Atlantic)
    Clarence Reid - Chicken Hawk (Alston)
    Total Capacity - Who's Who (Sensation)
    Larry Willams & Johnny Watson - Nobody (Okeh)
    Supremes - Stormy (White)
    Lillian Hale - Don't Boom Boom (Fretone)
    Hot Tamales - Out Of Sight (Diamond)
    gloria Jones - Tainted Love - (Champion RE)
    Calvin Stewart - You Turn Me On (Artly)
    Willie James - Stand Up For Your Rights (Unity)
    Alice Swoboda - I Think Its Time (Note)
    Johnny Otis - Keep The Faith (Eldo) VG+
    Jimmy Mayes - Drums For Sale (Port)
    Jimmy Preacher Ellie - I'm Gonna Do It By Myself (Jewel)
    Jimmy Lidsay - Ain't No Sunshine (GEM)
    Donald Austin - Crazy Legs (Eastbound)
    Talmadge Armstrong - Color Me Soul (Jetstream)
    Gene Ammons - Jug Eyes (Prestige)
    The New Process - Bus People Theme (Tramp)
    Brothers Guiding Light - Getting Together (Mercury RE)
    First Gear - Get Happy (Myrrh)
    Benny Sharp - Music I Like It (Midas)
    Razzy - I Hate Hate (Aquarius)
    The Soul Runners - Chittlin Salad (Mosoul)
    Mr Soul - What Happened To Yesterday (Genuine RE)
    Ross Carnegie - Open Up Your Mind (Elcon)
    Tommy Bass - I Can't Help It (Soulful) VG, Plays VG+
    Vernon Garrett - Little Black Woman (Kapp) £
    George Perkins - Groove Making (Golden) VG+
    Ricky Allen - No Better Time Than Now (One Way)
    Buddy Guy - Buddys Groove (Chess)
    Lee Moses - How Much Longer (Musicor)
    Jerry McCain - Funky Down Easy (Royal American)
    Julius Brockington - This Feeling (Burman)
    Bee Bee Butler - Sweet Sweet Life (SMC)
    Panic Buttons - Bad Karma (Gamble)
    GL Crockett - Watch My 32 (4 Brothers)
    Jeannie Dee - Shake A Hand (Hudd)
    Village Soul Choir - Cat Walk (Abbott)
    Larry Sanders - Story Of My Love (Sound Of Soul)
    Lee Fields - Last Dance (ANGLE 3)
    Barry White - Playing Your Game Baby (20th Century)
    Mighty Imperials - Kick The Blanket (Desco)
    Sugarman Three - Solid Funk (Soul Fire)
    JD & The Evils - Haaa - sheesh (Soul Fire)
    Mercy Sluts - $600 Tune (Wowsville)
    Ricky Hodges - Save Me (Palos)
    Jason Deane - Make Believe (King UK)
    US Warren - Hard Headed Woman (Chytowns)
    Radors - Finger Lickin Chicken (Leoso)
    Quantic Soul Orch - Super 8 (Tru Thoughts)
    Dede Soul - Soul Chills (Julmar) VG
    Mighty Joe Drake - Get Out Of My Life Woman (Kapp)
    Gene West - In The Ghetto (Original Sound)
    Bobby Garrett - I Can't Get Away - (Mirwood)
    Big Maybelle - 96 Tears (Rojac)
    Tony Newman - Soul Thing (Parrot)
    Bill Deal - Tucks Theme (Heritage)

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    Originally posted by [b
    Quote[/b] (Beaver @ Oct. 29 2004,15:25)]Barry White - Playing Your Game Baby (20th Century)
    Hi Pete

    I wouldn't mind a swap on this, my copy's a bit wonky. I'll PM you some trades later tonight..

    Let him have the lot for £2.00 - we were only going to throw 'em out anyway...


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      Beaver, I've pm'd you about the 1619 BAB and Tony Newman.