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  • A few more trades

    Few more teades added if anyone's interested.



    Library –

    KPM – “Amusement” (KPM 1174, 1976). Classic green-lable KPM feat. Johnny Pearson, Steve Gray, Brian Bennett, Keith Mansfield, James Clarke etc. Inc.’s Johnny Pearson’s great head-nod funk track “Head in the Clouds” (as comped on Planet of the Breaks), and some very funky contributions form Brian Bennett and Steve Gray in the form of “Boogie Juice”, “The Double Take” (w/open break) etc. Has v.minor edge warp but plays perfectly all the way through.

    KPM – “Sounds in Percussion” (KPM 1046, 1969). Classic Sam Fonteyn KPM feat. Loads of bass guitar and bongo-heavy progressive jazz grooves, plus more samples than you can shake a stick at.

    KPM – “Gathering Crowds” (KPM 1138, 1974). Feat. the oddball orchestral funk of Johnny Pearson’s “Habitat” and the smooth lounge-funk of Dave Gold’s “American Express”, plus a Brian Bennett drum break in there somewhere!

    Peer International – “Confrontation” (PILL 9024, 1974). Classic Peer library for the inclusion of Barry Forgie’s epic big band funker, “Whispering Giant” – all massive drums, bass-guitar and atmospheric flutes – a killer! Plus the funky lounge of Johnny Scott’s “This World”, Tony Kinsey’s “Confrontation” and Frank Sterling’s “Sport Shot”.

    Harmonic - “Modern Dramatic Actions/Happy Crazy Happy” (1976). Absolutely corking German library with some really great dramatic funk tracks such as “Onyx” and “Theme for Joe”. Wahwah, drums, bass, keys, strings – from composers such as Werner Tautz, Cornelius op den Zieken and Helmuth Brandenburg.

    Conroy – “Panoramic Strings/Soft Sounds” (1975). Two top-draw lounge tunes from Ronnie Hazlehurst and Dick Walter, plus the Roy Budd-esque soundtrack funk of Dick Walter’s “Panoramic Pursuit”.

    KPM – “Classical Concussion” (KPM 1225, 1979). If you like the “Long Good Friday” OST then you'll love this – same sound, same musicians! Strong OST-style disco-funk. (Crease on bottom right of cover so cover = VG, vinyl = EX)

    British & Euro Jazz –

    Art Farmer – “Gentle Eyes” Mainstream 1972. Sought after jazz LP for the very beautiful, very funky “Soul Sides”, as comped by Dusty Fingers. Recorded in Germany and featuring many great German jazzers plus arrangements form Peter Herbolzheimer. Nice OG British issue!

    Mike Gibbs – “Just Ahead” Polydor 1972. Rare, scorching UK jazz-rock extravaganza from this cult composer. Contains the hardest, funkiest jazz-rock version of Keith Jarrett’s “Grow Your Own” you’ll ever hear, plus the insanely aggressive jazz-rock of “So Long Gone” as well as more samples than you can shake a stick at. All the names are on this one – Harold Becket, Kenny Wheeler, Chris Spedding, John Marshall, Frank Ricotti etc.

    John Dankworth – “Full Circle” Phillips 1972. Classic jazz-rock set from Johnny featuring all the heavyweight UK jazz boys, and of course some killer jazz-rock from the pens of Mike Vickers, David Lindup, Mike Gibbs (“Grow Your Own”, “Triple Portrait”, “Family Joy Oh Boy”) and Johnny himself.

    John Dankworth – “Movies ‘n’ Me” RCA 1974. Another extremely strong release from Johnny, with some killer funk cuts in the form of the Dusty Fingers comped “Return to The Ashes”, a big drum break on the ‘70s re-working of the “Modesty Blaise” theme and so many other great library-style funk tracks. With Don Rendell, Ronnie Verrell, Tony Hymas, Kenny Baker etc. (US issue).

    Barbara Thompson – “Jubiaba” MCA 1978. Very nice UK jazz-rock LP w/Derek Wadsworth, Bill Le Sage and Trevor Tomkins etc. Couple of really nice spacey jazz-rock tunes and a 4 bar open drum break on “The Funky Flunky”.

    Maynard Ferguson – “The World Of” CBS 1970. Classic funky big band LP arranged by Keith Mansfield and featuring Kenny Wheeler, Danny Moss, John Cameron etc. Funky beats, bass and sitar etc on “L-Dopa”, “Chala Nata” – need I say any more?!

    UK Funky Easy Listening –

    Collage – “Misty” EMI Studio 2 1973. Classic easy-funk LP feat. Brian Bennett, Alan hawkshaw and Dave Richmond. Sought-after for the inclusion of Hawkshaw’s funky “Madrid” – drums, fender Rhodes, bass-guitar, vibes etc., plus a great, funky take on “Love for Sale”, and some lovely atmospheric samples.

    The Graham Walker Sound – “Hair” Saga 1969. One of the Best “Hair” covers LPs, featuring Alan Hawkshaw, Les Hurdle etc.

    John Gregory – “The Detectives” Philips 1976. Super-funky versions of “The Sweeney”, “The Six Million Dollar Man” and “The Streets of San Francisco” etc

    Simon Park – “Venus Fly Trap” EMI 1975. Great oddball easy-funk form the famous de Wolfe library composer, featuring UK session heavyweights such as Alf Bigden, Alan Parker and Herbie Flowers etc. Standout funky track is Ann Peeble’s “I Can’t Stand the Rain”, but plenty more great lounge/weird moments to be had.

    Mandingo – “The Primeval Rhythm of Life” EMI Studio 2 1973. Classic funky easy-listening LP from this cult label, featuring compositions form the likes of Alyn Ainsworth, Tony Osborne and Brian Fahey.

    James Clarke – “Girl on the Beach” Aristocrat 1969. Absolutely beautiful jazz/lounge/orchestral LP from KPM main-man James Clarke, with musical direction by Syd Dale. Feat.’s all the great UK sessioners such as Barry Morgan etc, playing James’s gorgeous music to perfection.

    John Williams – “Changes” Fly 1971. Easy/jazz/orchestral LP feat. from the famous guitarist feat a lovely, relaxed and funky version of “Woodstock”.

    Alan Haven – “Haven for Sale” CBS 1969. Another Keith Mansfield production, featuring a great funky arrangement of "Love for Sale".

    The Shadows – “Rarities” EMI 197?. Features the excellent, funky “Boogatoo” with open drum break, “Scotch on The Socks” and open drum break on “Slaughter on Tenth Avenue”.

    Geoff Love Orchestra – “Themes for Superheroes” MFP 1979. Geoff's best LP by a mile. Brilliant versions of “Return of The Saint”, “Batman”, “The Six Million Dollar Man”, “Wonder Woman” etc.

    Michel Legrand – “The Concert Legrand” RCA 1975. Nice lounge LP from Legrand, recorded in the UK with all Britain's heavyweight sessioners.

    OST –

    Laurie Johnson – “Music from The Avengers, The New Avengers, The Professionals” Unicorn Kanchana 1980. Classic Brit-funk OST from one of the UK’s best composers. Laurie serves up some tense, moody funk on “Sleuthing”, “Waiting and Ambush”, “On Target” and “Main Titles” from The Professionals TV series. From The New Avengers TV series we are treated to the funky “Main Titles” and the atmospheric “Tale of the Big Why”.

    45 –

    Brian Bennett– “Chase Side Shoot Up/Pegasus” Fontana 1974. Always in-demand for the Sweeney/library-style cop-show funk of “Pegasus” – great track. The A-side is of course the BBC’s golf theme!

    Brian Bennett– “Pendulum Force/Ocean Glide” DJM 1978. Feat’s the driving disco-funk of “Pendulum Force” from Brian’s “Voyage into Discoid Funk” LP.

    Brian Dee/Irving Martin/Steve Gray – “Return of the Saint” theme/Funko” PYE 1978. A-side is library-style dramatic disco-funk. The B-side (“Funko”) is one of Brian Dee's best funk-ups, taken from a Regency Line library LP!

    UK Vocals –

    James Royal – “The Light and Shade of” Carnaby 1971. Great LP from Mervyn Conn’s label featuring the massive funk track “House of Jack”, otherwise known as Keith Mansfield’s KPM track “Soul Thing” (VG+/VG+)

    US & Euro Funk/Jazz/Moog etc –

    Dennis Coffey – “Instant Coffey” Sussex 1974. Classic US funk LP, featuring a great version of Schifrin’s “Enter the Dragon” and the very funky, psychedelic freak-out that is “The Mind Excursion". (Canadian issue)

    Nelson Riddle – “Romance, Fire and Fancy” Intersound 197?. Great lounge and disco-funk from this legendary arranger.

    Dick Hyman – “Moog – The Eclectic Electrics of” Command 1969. Classic, out-there Moog LP from this cult composer.

    Rogier van Otterloo – “Visions” CBS 1974. Absolutely beautiful lounge/funk LP with “Munchen '74”, “Help!” and “Green in Between”. (Slightly later 1977 issue)
    A leaping rocker with a strong mood, a moderate beat and a safari feel.

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    I soooo need this one.

    KPM – “Sounds in Percussion” (KPM 1046, 1969

    What are you after???

    David S.
    God bless Fatso.


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      Originally posted by [b
      Quote[/b] (Cameron @ Nov. 28 2004,16:08)]Conroy – “Panoramic Strings/Soft Sounds” (1975). Two top-draw lounge tunes from Ronnie Hazlehurst and Dick Walter, plus the Roy Budd-esque soundtrack funk of Dick Walter’s “Panoramic Pursuit”.
      I'm interested in this. I'll send you a pm.


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        I'd love a copy of -

        'Gentle Eyes' - Art Farmer

        I'll PM you with some trades. Cheers
        Back to Neuuuuuuuuuu!


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          Interested in:

          Simon Park – “Venus Fly Trap” EMI 1975.

          The sleeve on mine's knackered. I'll PM you some possible trades - ta, like...
          Club stuff:




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            Brian Bennett– “Chase Side Shoot Up/Pegasus” Fontana 1974.

            I need this 45, p.m me for what you are looking for for this and we can sort it out.


            it's time for some heartbeats


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              Hey - I'd like to get the Geoff Love Superhero's Lp off you - my mate has been after it for a while so it'd make a good Christmas present.

              E-mail me at [email protected] for trades - I haven't got tons of stuff aside from soundtracks but you never know...


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                hi cameron,

                could i have:

                James Clarke – “Girl on the Beach” Aristocrat 1969.

                i'll try and sort something out for it.


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                  Hi Cameron,
                  I tried to PM you, but not sure if it went through or not!
                  I'm interested to trade or buy the following LPs, depending on what has already gone! (as I see one of the records I'm interested in may have already been taken)

                  KPM Classic Concussion
                  Conroy. Panoramic Strings
                  Rogier van Otterloo

                  Let me know what your looking for: jazz, soul, library (you must have most of the collectable things&#33. Is there anything from Brazil you may be after? (such as soundtrack stuff)

                  Mark GV
                  Mark GV Taylor



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                    i\d like to buy Amusement KPM 1174 from you if you don\t mind
                    pm me



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                      Interested in the Peer International - Confrontation LP.