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    Don't know if this transgresses any VV laws but I'm clearing out the bookshelves here at Mystery Towers if anyone's interested in these do tell.

    Happy to trade for similar or Avenue EP's or should anyone have them 70's recordings by the Halcyon Steel Band out of Antigua or Bristol's finest Col. Kilgore's Vietnamese Formation Surf Team who legend has it released an album in the '80's

    So if you've got a fire to curl up in front of here's what's for grabs

    The Jazz Scene - Francis Newton - Penguin 1961
    Led Zeppelin - In Their Own Words - Omnibus 1981
    Death Discs - Alan Clayson - Sanctuary 1997
    Singing Jazz - Bruce Crowther & Mike Pinfold - Blandford 1997
    Ratpack Confidential - Shawn Levy - 4th Estate 2002
    El Sid (Vicious) - David Dalton - 1997
    Ocean Colour Scene - Mosely Shoals - Guitar Tablature
    The Life and Death of Peter Sellers - Roger Lewis - Arrow 2004
    Specialising in Rusty Goffe since 2009

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    Colonel Kilgores Vietnamese Formation Surf Team

    Are You Still Looking For This Vinyl Lp - If So I Have A Copy

    Not Sure What I Would Want For A Swap But Thought I Would Contact You To See If Still Interested In Getting This Album


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      I've PM'ed you ( Ithink!) just let me know if you have any vinyl desires and I'll root through the plastic pile.

      Specialising in Rusty Goffe since 2009


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        Bit of a long shot but just wondering if you still have the vinylcopy of The Kilgores album? If you do and still want to sell it, how much do you want for it?


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          MystDrf....If you've managed to get hands on aforementioned (mini)album please email [email protected] to discuss terms for a burn.....

          sorry F.A.C.T