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    Greetings VG+ folks.

    Here are a few trade offerings. I'm looking for 45s, preferably cool ones that sound good.

    - Anna King - make up your mind/if you don't think (smash) Gone
    This is a cool 45. Play-out-able.
    - Slyvester Boyd (misspelling of Sylvester) - I don't want nobody telling me nothing/I can't go on living (W.J.J. prod)
    "I don't want nobody" is a hot track. It was reissued by king, this is the original.
    - Elijah and the Ebonies hot grits/sock it to 'em soul brother (Capsoul)
    I know this from the Numero reissue. Cool tune - a jumper.
    - Al Tousan (Al Toussaint) moo moo/a blue mood (Seville) HOLD

    - Flying Alligator band she'd be a perfect lady/you can't take it back (Player international records)
    I found this at the flea market and can't find very much info on it. It's basically a country exploito jam. The chorus is: "she'd be a fine lady if she didn't say fuck so much." It's clever, fun and mildly sexist. The flip is another dirty country tune about not giving up that ass.
    - Jay Mesco The generation gap/smokey bar (BWT)
    This is in the nice country genre of "hippie haters."
    -Carol Creveling between the devil and the deep blue sea/willow weep for me (Euterpean) Gone
    Beautiful jazz vocalist. Rare-ish 45.
    - Monte Stephens Band Who's gonna stand up/wayfaring pilgrim (Sundown)
    Country for natives in a nice pic sleeve.
    - Phil Dicks - Songs of faith. (Fredlo)
    Toxic xian slime with a nice organ sound played by Mr. Dicks wife, Ramona.

    LeGrand - Windmills LP Last copy on Hold.
    I found this on my CSC and threatened to toss it. A few folks encouraged me to give it a second listen and so I filed it. I now find it in the field all the time. Let me know if you need two.

    All the vinyls are at least vg+ although Phil Dicks sleeve is dirty and Anna King & Jay Mesco have writing on the labels. I live in california. Postage for 45s isn't much. I'll cover mine, you cover yours. Feel free to contact me with questions.

    best, maxwell
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