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  • 45 & 33 rpm trades

    45s: all Ex or better vinyl unless noted otherwise.

    Captain Sky: Sir Jam A Lot/Elementary School Of Funk (Tec Records, 1980)
    Floaters & Shu-Ga: Glass House/For Your Love (Fee Detroit Records)
    Amuzement Park: Love Show Down/Groove Your Blues Away (Our Gang, 1982)
    Foxy: You Make Me Hot/Get Off (Dash TK, 1978)
    Circle Of Kerr: I’m Flying High [same both sides] (Tod Ant)
    The Fatback Band: Soul March/To Be With You (Perception, 1973)
    Cameo: Freaky Dancin/Better Days (Chocolate City, 1980)
    The Controllers: Somebody’s Gotta Win…/Feeling A Feeling (Juana Records, 1977)
    Patti Austin: We’re In Love/Golden Oldies (CTI, 1975)
    The Dr Soul Experience: Arrhthmia/Check Up/Boogaloo Blister (Booty Bump)
    Paul Weeden: Flat Foot (Speedy’s Edit)/Horne Singers: Flat Foot (WahWahMoose)
    Fletch: Heavy Stepper/Heavy Stepper (Remix) (7 Hills Records, 2003) [slight edge warp, no effect on play]
    Dobie feat. Lain Gray: The Ride (Radio Edit)/The Ride/The Ride (Instrumental) (BBE 10” EP)
    Micky Ritter: Silent Lioness/One Eyed Looking Glass (Memphix) [two copies]
    Father William: Get Movin’ With Younger’s Tartan (Younger’s flexi, pic sleeve)
    Thomas Hock: HeiB wie Feuer/Ein neuer Tag (CBS, 1971) [pic sleeve]
    Mystery Incorporated: Where Are You Scooby Doo?/Mystery Incorporated (MFP) [pic sleeve]

    LPs: all Ex or better vinyl unless noted otherwise.

    Salena Jones: Everybody’s Talkin’ About Salena Jones (CBS) [nice Keith Mansfield produced set] VG+
    David Fanshawe: African Sanctus (Philips) [ethnographic classical/psych/percussion…err…thing]
    Billy Graham: Man In The 5th Dimension (RCA) [Xtian spoken word from 1964 Worlds Fair]
    Johnnie Gray & His Saxophones: Movietime (Fontana Living Presence) [inc Shalako, Rosemary’s Baby etc]
    Fluegel Knights: Just Some Of Those Songs Mrs Robinson (CBS) [breezy UK 60s jazz-lounge set]
    Paul Mauriat Orch: Stereo Spectacular (Philips) [Etude in the Form of a Rhythm & Blues…]
    Hollyridge Strings: Beatles Song Book (Capitol/EMI) [orchestral versions of early beatles tunes]
    Pancho Gonzales: Happy Juanita (Page1) [inc If I Were A Carpenter, Lucy In The Sky. Reputedly Des Champ]
    James Last: Non Stop Dancing 1976/2 (Polydor) [inc Theme From SWAT – free to a good home]
    Francis Lai: The Legend Of Frenchie King OST (MFP) [few nice instro bits amid the cod-Western stuff]
    Geoff Love: Big Terror Movie Themes (MFP) [3 Days Of The Condor, Rollerball etc]
    Noel Trevlac: The Tremendous Trumpet Of Noel Trevlac (Studio Two Stereo)
    Pointer Sisters: That’s A Plenty (Blue Thumb) [Love in Them There Hills etc]
    It’s A Beautiful Day: Marrying Maiden (CBS) [West Coast harmony/psych/folk thing – Dolphins etc] VG+
    Don Kirshner Concept: Cuts Hair (RCA) [very decent crack at the old faithfuls]
    Solar Plexus: S/T (Odeon) [no sleeve, 1 LP only of double: Jazzrock inc Phrygian Samba]
    Merit Hemmingson: Merit! (RCA) [piano led jazz covers – Son Of A Preacher Man etc]
    Dean Reed: La Bamba (MFP) [mid 60s beat from onetime US/Soviet Johnny Halliday type]
    Chris Montez: The More I See You (A&M) [very nice Brazilian-flavoured take on Spooky] VG+
    Arthur Lyman: Arthur Lyman’s Greatest Hits (HiFi, Mexican press) [nice intro to the vast Lyman catalogue] VG+
    Edmundo Ros & Orchestra: New Rhythms Of The South (Phase 4/London)
    Vacilando & Lucio Barbosa Group: Cha Cha Cha (Fonal) [workmanlike Latin combo, inc Oye Como Va]
    Andy Williams: Honey (Columbia, US issue) [inc Spooky]
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    Edmundo Ros & Orchestra: New Rhythms Of The South (Phase 4/London)
    Arthur Lyman: Arthur Lyman’s Greatest Hits (HiFi, Mexican press)

    Yes please, my good man.