Got this the other day but its not quite my sound - More soulful r&b stompers actually. I'll trade for a decent psych/library/funk comp I havent got.


A selection of Lance Records' mid-'60s R&B and psychedelic rock artists from New Mexico on 12" vinyl masterfully compiled by Germany's Harry Vee of D.C. Records.
Side A:

1. "I Dig Girls" - Rudy and The Soulsetters
2. "Ain't Too Proud To Beg" - Rudy and The Soulsetters
3. "Something You Got" - Doc Rand and the Purple Blues
4. "Find It" - The Sheltons
5. "Yesterday's Laughter" - The Sheltons
6. "Knock on Wood" - The Sheltons
7. "In Her Own Little World" - The Trademarques

Side B:

1. "Love Is a Beautiful Thing" - The Cellar Dwellers
2. "Workin' Man" - The Cellar Dwellers
3. "What is Love" - The Trademarques
4. "Paper Place" - The Lincoln Street Exit
5. "Who's Been Driving My Little Yellow Taxi Cab" - The Lincoln Street Exit
6. "How Can I" - The Kreeg
7. "Impressin'" - The Kreeg
8. "Jams and Jellies" - The Kreeg