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Los Angeles Spiritual Jazz/ Modern Soul Trades + More

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  • Los Angeles Spiritual Jazz/ Modern Soul Trades + More

    Creative Arts Ensemble "One Step Beyond" (Nimbus) not sure if I already offered you this before or not. I was abel to pull stock so I have several sealed copies of this Local press spiritual jazz piece From Horace Tapscott and company.

    Leroy Hutson "Love Oh Love" (Curtom) - Leroys first outting. Great album that should need no explanation.

    Eddie Harris "The Real Electrifying..." (Mutt n Jeff) small label Los Angeles Jazz outing from Eddie Harris that was recently reissued by Ubiquity/ Luv n Haight. I just got stock on this so they are sealed. for more info check out the website

    Ananda Shankar "Musical Discovery of India" (EMI) - mid t late 70's India only release from Ananda. nice mellow grooves. Not overtly funky but very good and very rare.seen a couple of these hit some high numbers on Ebay over the last couple months

    Janet Lawson "S/T" (Mutt n Jeff) - 1982 Modern Soul piece that starting to get some attention. Great voice and some really great songs. I shave sealed stock on this.

    Rick Smith "we Should Be Lovers" (Birdie) - small label/ private press Modern osul piece form here in LA. Really great album that has been getting quite a bit of play around the house and has my non 80's R&B loving roommate asking for a CD burn.

    Linda Hill "Linda's Lullaby" (Nimbus) - Another release from Horace Tapscotts Nimbus label. Featured Dadisi Komolafe and is without a doubt one of this labels better releases. Female Spiritual Jazz vocal

    Anyone interested in these should E-mail me at [email protected]
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