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    Prog,,fusion psycheVINYL/SLEEVE)

    CLEARLIGHT-SAME US psyche group vg+vg+

    DIONNE/BREJENT -ET LA TROISIEME JOUR exex '76 Quebec instrumental prog with superb side-long title track.Keyboardist and excellent percussionist. This is
    their first lp (their 2nd "Deux", is my all-time fav Quebec prog lp)


    ARPADYS -SAME '77 FRANCE exex synths,rhodes,perc,electric/acoustic guitar,drums , bass, lite funky-moves progfusion keys-based, along lines of Space Art

    MORT GARSON -CAPRICORN,vg+vg+SIGNS OF THE ZODIAC (from his series. Note: this is NOT the Zodiac Cosmic Sounds lp)

    BOB DYLAN -SAME (FIRST) exex Columbia reissue

    SKITCH HENDERSON -THE BEGINNING AND END OF THE WORLD vg+ ex foc instrumental concept with orchestra,horns,perc,piano,bass,organ, looks like '72, on rare winnepeg,Canada label. sounds along the lines of Axelrod -Songs of Innocence & Experience, only no guitar

    FOOT IN COLD WATER-SAME vg+vg+ ,rare 70s reissue on Daffodil label with different textured cover from orig,
    -2nd vg+ex

    DAKILA-SAME exex great Santana clone (but no covers) ,Phillipino band, US release 70s

    JOHN McLAUGHLIN -DEVOTION his best & heaviest, on Douglas label, vg+ ex(back sticker)

    KIT WATKINS - LABYRINTH exex best early solo lp from Happy The Man keys

    BEAU DOMMAGE - OU EST PASSE LA NOCE? '75 quebec, easily their best ,with side long track exex

    NOVA-VIMANA I think has ex-Ossana members, plus Lumley, Percy Jones, Phil Collins from Brand X, UK press, their best lp exex

    ROBERT CONNOLEY - PLATEAU good Canadian 70s prog concept on
    extra-terrestials and Nazca lines, some great Hammond and guitar, small Tube label, hard to find in any shape, exvg+ (top right front cover has red magic marker)

    PIERRE HENRY- MESS POUR LES TEMPS PRESENT orig Canadian press exex

    JOHN WILLIAMS-CHANGES with Wakeman,spedding etc guesting,instrumental guitar lp from Sky guy '71 Fly label UK exex,cheesy but sometimes cheese is good for you!

    NATKARAVANEN-HGF sweden '80 prog with vocals in swedish exex

    YES-DRAMA exex import but I cant makeout which country - maybe Commieland? same cover art but it is blue-tinged and NOT foc

    DAVID ROSE-DISTANCES BETWEEN DREAMS exex '77 good French violin /keys fusion with Serge Perthonier and others in band, US Inner City press

    PEKKA POHJOLA-MATHEMATICIANS AIRDISPLAY UK press with totally different cover,exex,one of his best, with mike oldfield so enough said

    FOUR GUITARISTS APOCALYPSO BAR-SAME SEALED copy of this now rare great guitar fusion/RIO from Quebec,Ambiance Magnetique label, Rene Lussier of Conventuum in band!

    AQUARELLE-LIVE MONTREAL '79 2nd lp of instrumental Quebec fusion with guitar & violin predominant, better than the first!, exvg

    JAN AKKERMAN-FROM THE BASEMENT Holland '84 exex ,likely his only decent lp after 'Tabernakel",only recently out on cd,14 min. version of "All Along The Watchtower" and when have you heard a bad version of Watchtower?Okay, Ill tell you what the other lists wont -this Watchtowwer is fucked-ass reggae-style!

    HUBRIS-IN SEARCH OF A GLORIOUS DEATH ’97 exex private, Danish doomy guitar-based neo, very dark

    LE TEMPS-AILLEURS DE... 2nd and best lp of Quebec Harmonium-like band,exvg+,'77,on cd now!

    WELLANDER & RONANDER-SAME swede '96, good rock lp,( Wellander did that other great lp where dave Greenslade guested),vg+ex

    BOB McBRIDE -SEA OF DREAMS GREAT vocalist, I think the title track is one of Canada's best, once you get into this lp it really sticks,his most progressive - yet not really progressive, great textured cover ,exex, even though its on Capitol label ive seen this listed at $75

    BULL ANGUS-SAME 70s excellent hardrock,nice foc art, vg+vg+(front cover has 2x3"square white patch -where I pulled sticker off-but this on on the part of the cover that is normally white, so it doesnt look too noticable)

    MAHOGANY RUSH-CHILD OF UNIVERSE vgex one of best cover arts ever

    BAZAAR-LIVE 2lp Denmark
    good ethnic-flavoured fusion with Anders Koppel of Savage Rose on keys, '78 exex

    LEGGATT-ILLUMINATIONS exex 2lp post-Foot In Cold Water and more progressive, exex large punchole

    III MILENIO-ALIANCA DOS TEMPOS Brazil 90 prog with keysman of Blezqi Zatsaz exe

    IGOR LEN-HERE russia electronics vg+ex instrumental

    MINSTRELS & MINIMOOGS rare Colorado university EP,weirdprog likeBlacklight Braille exex '88

    SPACE ART-SAME Quebec press of French instrumental synth band vg+vg+(punchole,slight cover warp)

    VA -DANSK ARBEJDE 2 strong set with '69-71 Danish bands that mattered:Youngflowers,Savage Rose,Tomrerclaus,Culpeppers Orchard(2trks),No Names,Nygard,Skovsen & Ingemann; vg+vg+'72, some tracks in English,Im guessing
    that there are NO nonlp tracks here

    MAXOPHONE-SAME can. press, Italy prog,vg+vg+

    OMEGA-BABYLON hungary exex later lp but still good
    -ELO hungary vg+ex

    SERGE LOCAT-TRANSFERT stunning instrumental keys prog with some folk influence,keysman of Harmonium, by far the best harmonium offshoot lp, exex, rare '79

    bEN MINK-FOREIGN EXCHANGE great only solo lp of FM violinist,fusion prog instrumental '80,hard to find exex, with all members of FM guesting

    ORQUESTA DE LAS NUBES- EL ORDRE...Spain '85 vg+vg+ ethereal female vocalizations over guitar,perc,effects,some may call this newage but its better,more exptal,priced rather high in a Spanish list Ive seen lately, private lbl?

    J.L.PIZZARO-FEW MAN'S WORDS Spain private? vg+ex instrumental heavy guitar lp alla mcAlpine,incredible cover art,mid 80s

    KACZMAREK-HALLEY'S COMET poland Savitor "85 exex good instrumental electronics lp from guy from Orchestra of the Eigth Day

    NO TO CO-W MUROWANEJ PIWNICY Poland mixes folk with rock,good stuff,looks 70s,exvg+ textured foc

    EKHNATON-RICCERA… four Italian experimental groups, ’84 exex, textured cover

    NANDO CARNEIRO-VIOLAO '83 vg+ex ,former member of Brazilian prog group Barco do Sol, all-instrumental

    HAPPY THE MAN-CRAFTY HANDS great US instrumental '78 exvg+
    -SAME exex

    ANABIS;HEAVEN ON EARTH exex , WER WILL exex German neoprog,ifyou like things marillionish then i guess this is for you,first lp is English
    lyrics & blue vinyl

    RSC-RSC (Also known as "Flyrock") Polish fusion-progs,'7?,vg+vg+,cream Muza label,

    SECRET OYSTER-SEASON vg+ex US press on Peters International,sounds better than CBS orig!

    SECRET OYSTER-STRAIGHT FROM THE KRANKENHAUS vg+vg+ holland, danish fusion bestlp

    JABLKON-DEVNTA VLNA check '88 3-man group,mainly guitars 7 perc,instrumental-avant,exex,nice laminated sleeve

    JORDI SOLER-LIEBESLIED Spain '72 exex ,brother of Toti Soler of Iceberg?,instrumental mainly acoustic guitar

    KING BISCUIT BOY WITH CROWBAR-OFFICIAL MUSIC vg+ex Canada orig Daffodil,bluesrock

    FIORI/SEGUIN-DEUX NUITES...first and best of the offshoot lps from the Quebec group Harmonium and much like that sound,exvg+(you never find the dark purple cover in ex shape - at least I dont!)

    ELP-TARKUS Phillipine press on thick vinyl,light-blue Cotillion label,unexpectedly great pressing but the non-foc shows wear,exvg

    LOUGAROU-SAME pre-Garolou Quebec folkprog '78 exex

    MORSE CODE -MARCHE DES HOMMES exex their best prog lp

    ACI - TEIFENRAUSCH german '82 instrumental keys/electronic prog vg+ex great coverat

    TRUE MYTH-SAME '79, the best prog lp out of Ontario,first 'rock' lp to be released digitally,vocalist sounds like Greg Lake,exex (sticker)

    MCKENNA MENDLESON MAINLINE-STINK vg+vg+ allblack foc has usual wear

    SLAWOMIR KULPOWICZ-SADHANA '89 Poland,ethnic-tinged keys lp, 2/3 is instrumental,exex

    PULSAR-GORLITZ exex musea lbl

    DAVID BECKER TRIBUNE-SIBERIN EXPRESS '88 german, fine guitar fusion, instrumental,exex

    COLIN TOWNS-FULL CIRCLE exex late '70s sountrack of a terrible horror film with
    Mia farrow that was retitled 'Haunting of julia' for US audiences, unlike the movie , the music is excellent keys instrumental (with exception of one short mediocre vocal track).Recently he does music for various BBC mysteriesetc.holland press

    BO HANSSEN-MAGICIANS HAT exex charisma UK, finally foundmyself the Stateside copy of this wonderful lp,so im anxious to get rid of the charisma

    JUKKA SYRENIUS BAND-MEMORIES OF TOMORROW finland '83 guitar-driven fusion, seen in Us cat at $45 exex -CAT IN A HAT exex finland

    FIREBALLET-NIGHT ON BALD MOUNTAIN one of my three fav US prog lps, vg+ex
    -TU TU overlooked 2nd lp SEALED cutoutslit

    SOFT VERDICT-USURA belgian minimalist but way more interesting than others in the genre, I only have a handful minimalist in my collection exex

    HENRY KAISER -INVITE THE SPIRIT 2lp on OAO label Us, Kaiser & San wan Park(I last heard he was washing dishes in NY), Kaiser had a university radio show exclusively on eastern music , this is avaunt-Korean music and very relaxing and recommended if your into such, Henry's use of vibrato & Parks seeming random rhythmic patterns. i guess this is improvised, yet very listenable,exex

    HARMONIUM - all 4 lps including rare double live,and first with
    orig textured cover m-m-g

    PATRICK GODFREY-ANCIENT SHIPS exex (best,rarest & first lp) -SMALL CIRCUS m-m- -BELLS OF EARTH m-m- incredible can. pianist & harpsichord, Apparition label

    SYMPHONIC SLAM-SAME can prog exex nice cover art

    CANO-PROMO LP FOR NORDE E NOTRE VIE exex very rare,contains most of the lp plus much of the group interview between tracks, different cover fo

    CITY-DER TATOWIERTE E.Germ mm their best, still side 2 is usual rubbish

    -COMPOSITE live lp exex
    -NI VENTE...NI NOUVELLE vg+ex great foc art
    -LES PORCHES exvg+(punchole) for me the best one,most progressive,one
    track even has vocals!
    -SAME exvg+ sticker spot

    CHILLIWACK-SAMEvg+ex, -2nd(double) vg+m- hate this Canadian westcoast psyche, but get lots of requests for it, side 3&4 are almost Kraut-sounding, - part is recorded in echo chamber


    VARIOUS ARTISTS-GUITAR WORKSHOP VOL 2 UK rare 70s lp on transatlantic, has two outstanding tracks by Peter Banks (Yes/Flash) with back up band (better than anything on his solo lps),rest is mainly acoustic guitarists like Guillory, exex

    TERRACED GARDEN-MELODY AND MENACE rare first lp by this excellent Ontario "80s
    prog group,intelligent lyrics and some fine instrumentals exex punchole

    GENESIS-FOXTROT exex Spanish press, foc

    BLAY TRITONO-CLOT 20 '76exex Spanish fusion with horns alla C.E.Dharma,very rare

    PETE BARDENS-SPEED OF LIGHT exex Can., yes alright - its shit

    DOWNCHILD BLUESBAND -STRAIGHT UP '73 Ontario bluesrock,Special label exvg+

    ANDRE GERAISSATI -DADGAD Brazil exex instrumental guitar lp

    LABROTORIUM -NO.8 vg+ex Polish fusion
    -MODERN PENTATHLON pol. vg+ex(sticker on front)

    BILL LASWELL-BASSLINES first lp Us exex

    CRAWLING CHAOS-SAME'88 UK,exex, unique band sounding like TuxedoMoon in places,complex & holds the attention

    YANNI-KEYS TO IMAGINATION exex ,whats this cocksucker doing here? Well,one could argue that the first lp is at least half-way decent and perhaps not that easy to find???

    TERRY BROOKS & STRANGE -TO EARTH WITH LOVE Us psyche with wahwah & fuzz,coloured vinyl SEALED I have green,orange,yellow or marble-gold vinyl

    WITOLD SUZUREK;BASSPACE polish fusion instrumental,like Vitous exvg+

    GARY BOYLE-ELECTRIGLIDE '80 UK blue vinyl exex, great fusion guitarist of Brand X etc, instrumental

    JOHN-MILLS COCKELL-GATEWAY foc Ontario instrumental keysprog,his best lp exex

    NICE-AMONENI REDIVIVI '76 orig Uk Immediate ,"best of" lp that Ive never encountered before,vinyl only vg- but you need this for the great foc:caracture of Emerson in SciFi background on a fantasy organ,sleeve is vg+(some watermark on bottom but no warp

    ROSE - TASTE OF NEPTUNE Canadian their only progressive lp exex

    DUNCAN MACKAY -SCORE much-underappreciated prog lp by SA keyboardist who put out the super "Chimera" lp, orig Canadian press exex



    BRIGAND totally unknown early 80s Ontario folk band with UK -sound in places and Stan Rogers-like Canadian folk sound, version of "Lord Franklin" (the tune of which Dylan ripped off) with good electric guitar solo, Instruments include mandolin,synth,bagpipes.. very rare, exvg+ (bottom right corner of sleeve is slightly warped)


    JIM CORCORAN & B. GOSSELIN- ALIBRI DE LA TEMPTE foc nice coverart, ’79 exex

    CLANNAD- SAME exex first lp ’73 on ORIG IRISH PRESS!

    YETTIES- LETS HAVE A PARTY Uk Argo '75 exvg+


    'ERITAGE - LA RONDE VOYAGEUR exex Quebec 70s traditional

    ALAN STIVELL-LIVE OLYMPIA all orig Canadian press

    INCREDIBLE STRINGBAND-SAME orig UK '66 "red' Elecktra lbl, record is shot (g),sleeve is ex

    JSD BAND-TRAVELLING DAYS '73, great folkrock,US press

    TRI YANN -SUITE GALLAISE '74 exex France,-CAFE DE BON COIN '84 vg+ex foc france,more electric on this one -DECOUVERTE... exex France

    TRANSATLANTIC LABEL GUITAR SAMPLER VOL 1 & vol2 great UK folk guitarists LIKE RENBOURN,JANSCH,GILTRAP both lps are rare exex,UK '70 & '69

    RARE AIR -HARD TO BEAT exex can. -MAD PLAID exex recommended folkrock with bagpipes

    CORCORAN & GOSSELIN -LA TETE EN GUIGE has great long acoustic track lp vg+vg+

    BARDE -SAME "77 QUEBEC exex
    -VOYAGE '83 rarest of their 3 lps,exex
    -IMAGES '78 their best, exex

    STRINGBAND-NATIONAL MELODIES '75 signed by band,vg+ex, their most traditional-sounding folk lp & I think their best
    -CANADIAN SUNSET exex (with front colour photograph intact), insert
    -THANKS TO THE FOLLOWING exex ’77 (this is the orig - it was reissued with different border colour)

    PETE ATKIN-THE ROAD OF SILK vgex I never seen a copy before, UK press,beautiful art on laminated cover '72,foklkrock reminds me much of Al Stewart, good lyrics
    (different from very rare Canadian press cover )
    -MASTER OF THE REVELS UK press vg+vg+

    NORDISKE SPILLEMAENDE;SAME exex Danish press, young six member acoustic folkgroup doing instrumental traditional music of Norway & Sweden, violins,guitar,kontrabass

    DAVID McWILLIAMS -SAME US press vg+ vg+
    REVE DU DIABLE-SAME Quebec vg+vg+
    VEILLES DU ANTAN trad Quebecoise folkdance music on Barklay label 70s exex
    NA CABERFAIDH- STICK It IN YOUR EAR pre-Rare Air! Nice coverart exex
    HUGGETT FAMILY -A RENAISSANCE DELIGHT excellent lp, large family plays varied medieval-type instruments and fine vocals, this was reissued, but this is orig press exvg++ foc
    SHAUN DAVEY -PILGRIM exex Irish press
    DE DANNAN- MIST COVERED MOUNTAIN exex canadian press orig

    MARIE LYNN HAMMOND- SAME exex great femme folk from Stringband member
    -viginettes sealed

    one CD:

    RODGER HUMPHREYS-BEYOND THE WALL OF SLEEP my friend released this Cd ,excellent Pentangle/Renbourn-style folk lp,one track Id call psychedelic,
    Rodger plays everything(acoustic & electric guitar,accordion,penny whistle,piano,recorder,bongos,mandolin,clavinette, vocals,etc),Im into William Blake,so I was glad to see one track is an obscure Blake poem put to music,recorded in Rodgers basement,he stresses the"simple uncluttered recording style found in late 60s early 70s UK folk lps

    Wallace is located in Canada.
    Wallace only sends lps to Europe via surface mail.

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    Wallace, did the missus write the descriptions or did you copy and paste them from an English language website?

    Your Bill Laswell is piquing my interest. What are you looking for apart from Moody Blues boxed sets?


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      Wallace is after prog/psyche/electronic lps. Too many on Wallace's wantlist to list here.

      French Library items like Telemusic and IMs.


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        Hi Wallace,

        I sent you a private message.