Here's some new bits to trade - after the usual varied selection. Similar stuff i guess.

I'll do a separate post of 45's -- probably tomorrow.

SOUND CARRIERS - the other world of... (you guys like this yeah?)

ASHA BHOSLE & RD BURMAN - live at royal Albert Hall (excellent double-disc live session from late 70's. Has soem banging versions of a few Bolly funk classics. Some better than the film versions)
ALOJZ BOUDA - synthesizer sound (crazy czech moog LP. Lots of funky bits, and one very mental track i put on my recent "post apoc" mix...)

RD BURMAN - seeta aur geeta OST (not one, but THREE mental instrumentals. One of my Bolly faves... to quote Victor Kiswell: "Cool Indian beats with moog and orchestral funk"
LAXMIKANT PYARELAL - shor (Fun Bolly score by these masters)

THE KIDS FROM THE BRADY BUNCH (kiddie funk LP, inlcudes the comped/mixtaped breakbeat cut "drummer man")
ENNIO MORRICONE - i grandi temi... (Lesser-spotted 70s Morricone comp, obviously great, but includes two completely brilliant and obscure tunes: Awesome and Awesomer!)

45's list coming ASAP