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    Hi - I have these posters for trade, most are from the original U.S. releases.

    Three / Four Musketeers Double Feature - Oliver Reed, Raquel Welch, Michael York, etc.

    Avalanche - Roger Corman produced 'All Star Disaster Movie' - Rock Hudson, Mia Farrow, Robert Forster

    Blazing Magnum aka Strange Shadows In An Empty Room - Cop/Giallo (IMHO one of the best, if not THE best, Italian produced Police Thrillers) - Stuart Whitman, John Saxon, Martin Landau, Gayle Hunnicutt, etc.

    Comin' At Ya! - 3D Spaghetti Western - Tony Anthony, Victoria Abril

    Hot Potato - Action/Kung Fu - Jim Kelly (from Black Belt Jones, Enter The Dragon, etc). This has a small tear along the bottom fold line.

    Jackie Brown - This is from the late 90s home video release.

    Mitchell - Cop movie with Joe Don Baker, John Saxon, Linda Evans. Well known for being shown on Mystery Science Theater 3000.

    Moving Violation - Roger Corman produced Crime Drama with Kay Lenz, Stephen McHattie, Eddie Albert, Dick Miller.

    Pulp Fiction - From late 90s home video release.

    Sunnyside - Joey Travolta, Talia Balsam, Jon Gries - NY gang warfare movie.

    The Silent Stranger aka Stranger In Japan - Spaghetti Western / Karate (first of it's kind) - Tony Anthony

    Superargo - Italian Superhero movie with Ken Wood, Diana Lorys, Guy Madison. This is from the Spanish release, has some holes in it since the paper is thinner (like newspaper).

    Can give more details/pics on any of them.

    Im mainly looking for Psych, Italian/French Soundtracks, Library, EZ, and European stuff in general. Thanks.
    See, you don't get those haircuts on your mp3s.