wanted lps and 45s ,, send me your trade list
i have these

Philharmonics – I need your love
Lyn minor – fatback
Brother soul – life is like a maze
Specks williams – we gave the drummer some
Mugo – organize
The marvels – forget about that mess
Eddie long – it don’t make sense
Landlord and tenants – back up
Kerry adams – something good
James ironhead – init / crossing the baha
Jc and the soul angels – nightmare strut
Vera hamilton – but I ain’t no more
Different shades – I like it
The fantoms – who cares (excellent new orleans pure funk instrumental)
Porgy jones – catch joe potato
Edwin daugherty – groovy Monday (killer jbs soundalike instrumental)
Les parson – music turns me on
Milt harris – lindas mood (listen to this on funk45.com)