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  • Ben's World Cup Final Trades

    Just a few of varying quality from me.

    Some of these have been lingering like a coke-fart, so I'm happy to be extremely flexible on ratios of trades just to shift them on really.

    PM me with any questions.

    Update (16th July):

    Nino Ferrer is GONE.

    Creery Sisters is GONE.

    The Hanged Man is no longer on hold.

    The above are loosely grouped in as 'jazz'. Pretty much tiddlers in my book, so feel free to take numerous items in exchange for one of yours.

    Think I mentioned the Creery Sisters in a recent finds post. It's UK gospel over a reggae / Trojan backing and has a wonky kind of charm. It's on Popsike, so I'm assuming that those into reggae might find it quite desirable, but I've gone on record with my aversion to / ignorance of reggae, so I'm keen to see it end up in a warm embrace elsewhere. Lovely copy of 'Shaft In Africa' (and all the proceeds went to charity), always popular - breaktastic eh?

    Colosseum is the Bronze issue, sleeve's a bit manky, so wouldn't be after much for this. SBB is too full-on for me. Nino Ferrer = collectable, but just doesn't do it for me and I gave it a fair crack. Minty 'Hanged Man' - no explanations needed?

    Last few tiddlers. As previously mentioned, happy to bundle several items up to get one cool item from yourselves.
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