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July 45 trades (OST, psych, funk etc…)

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  • July 45 trades (OST, psych, funk etc…)

    Anyone after any of these? Looking or all sorts: Psych, OSTs, Bollywood, jazz, folk, library, synthesiser gear, new-age, fun 45s to play out etc...

    GUILIANO SORGINI - "Let sleeping corpses lie" (Tam 45)
    Rare and awesome Jap 45 of the exceptionally ace play-out tune from the scarce "Living Dead At Manchester Morgue" OST.

    FRANCO MICALIZZI - diabolica (Tam 45)
    Jap press (cool cover!) of this scary Italian OST cut - one side scary funk-soul, the other a morricone-esque banger instro
    LISTEN <<< (second half of the clip)

    TRIBE -"Attica" (C and T 45)
    Ace mid tempo psych-funk groover…
    LISTEN <<< (not my copy)

    WOMB - "my baby cares about the good things" (DOT promo 45)
    Speedy and ragged US psych banger. Could also fit in a revved-up folk funk set! My fave tune on their LP +++

    DANIEL VEGA - "tierra minera" (Movie Play 45)
    Ace Catalan folk-fusion groover. Lovely instrumental on the B-side.

    FRANK DAVID SELECTION - lost in outer space (Basf 45)
    Fun moody outing with a groove.

    ONE w/ ALAN MARSHALL - don't listen to me (Fontana) VG+/VG+
    B-side wins on this - nice organ-heavy prog groover: LISTEN <<

    CHARISMA - bizwambi (promo) - frigging ace frenzied tribal psych funk banger! LISTEN <<<

    MESSENGERS - in the jungle (hard tribal freak rock!!) LISTEN <<


    CAN - "moon shake" (Nice copy of this classic kraut mover. Promo copy so same song both sides) LISTEN <<

    SCORPION - can't get blood from a stone/ only human ( comped ace double-sider, hard-psych-funkish?) LISTEN<<<

    BOBBIE GRAHAM - zoom widge and wag (ace mod/tittyshaker instor thing. I've got it in my head that it's Jimmy Page on guitar?) LISTEN <<

    THE GENTRYS - i need love (atypical Sun release. Powerful fuzz thumper!) LISTEN <<

    BLACK SUN - flash/ back to bombay (With pic sleeve. one side spastic & frantic cosmic, the other a trippy raga-ish tune.) LISTEN & LISTEN

    WARM DUST - worm dance/ it's a beautiful day (Fun UK jazzy prog on Trend) LISTEN <<<<

    ZIPS - evil hearted woman (B-side freak rock growler. Love it!) LISTEN <<<

    ABACO DREAM - cat woman (Well known here. Sly Stone goes mad!) LISTEN <<<

    KING HANNIBAL - the truth shall set you free (drug-bashing funk banger) LISTEN <<<

    DENNIS YOST - all in your mind (folk-funk perfection. Love this tune!) LISTEN <<<
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    Muchos mixes <<<<