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    Thought I'd refresh the 'In' pile a bit by letting go of a few interesting bits.

    As ever, I'm easy about the ratio, if you want to take 5 or 6 tiddlers for summat of yours that's a bit more hard-hitting, that's cool. The same, of course, is true in reverse, feel free to offer a range of more common (or 'lower value') items for one of my more scarce items. We'll sort summat out.

    PM me if you're interested in owt and I'll get back to you ASAP. Similarly, if you've got any questions, shout up.

    I'd like to have deals done by the weekend if possible as I a) want to offload the decent left-over items down the market and b) anything that I wouldn't see as the kind of thing the chap at the market is interested will go in the next round of freebies, which I'd like to launch next week.

    Choose your weapons.......

    Jet Boy stole my baby.

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    Interested in chubby checker and small screem greats. Can u pm me with options


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      That would be small screen, screem is a different concept all together


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        Oh. . And hanged man


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          I'd like that Telemusic - will PM you tomorrow, if that's OK...
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            Barron Knights
            Terry Durham
            The rap records
            Tony Osborne
            Archie Shepp
            Heads, Hands and Feet

            Everything else still up for grabs.
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            Jet Boy stole my baby.