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Arica, Henry Franklin, Donna McGhee OG, Colour Haze & other psych/prog/heavy randomness & reissues

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  • Arica, Henry Franklin, Donna McGhee OG, Colour Haze & other psych/prog/heavy randomness & reissues

    I've got a few things for possible trade from across the spectrum. I'm a terrible vinyl hoarder and haven't actually ever traded or sold any vinyl since the regrettable horror of the early nineties in which i regularly traded away my punk collection for record store credit which was then spent on shitty cds….

    Anyway, much of my collection is about to go into storage for a year and packing it up i realised i'd really like to move on a major portion of it. That will now have to wait until i return from New Jersey in a year, but i thought I'd test the waters with the following random stuff.
    I'm mainly looking for groovy 45s of any category garage/psych/soul/funk : French/Euro and New Orleans related will especially be of interest.

    Apologies for the shit photography.

    Arica - Audition (this is the less desirable of the 2 s/t double lps, but does have the "Feel the music in the genitals" bit which is always a welcome reminder. seam split on top edge and a bit crackly in places but not too bad).
    Henry Franklin - The Skipper (Quad edition)
    Abbie Hoffman - Wake Up America! (indeed)
    Davie Allan & The Arrows - Blues Theme (blue vinyl bootleg)
    Kitty Winter Gipsy Nova (Spinning Wheel reissue)
    Various - Soul Spectrum Vol. II

    The stoner psych stuff:
    Circle - Sunrise (Headspin 2006; very rockin' Finnish craziness)
    Ufomammut - Lucifer Songs (2005 Supernatural Cat Italy, Ltd w/DVD; very heavy head music)
    Grails - Burning Off Impurities (2007 Temporary Residence; one lp blue, one clear; pretty great emo-psych from PDX)
    Saviours - Cavern of Mind 12' (2007 Kemado; single sided 45 w/ etching on the other side; chugging stoner rock)

    This one will only be of interest to a few - a heavy hitter of an item by a great German heavy rock band with a very high stoner-boogie quotient:
    Colour Haze - s/t (2005 Elecktrohasch blue vinyl 80 of 265, the band pops up when you open the gatefold; played once)

    Donna McGhee - Make It Last Forever (OG Red Greg promo)

    Kemialliset Ystävät ‎– Alkuhärkä (2007 Beta-lactam Ring; Finnish experimental/folk/weirdness)
    Cromagnon - Untitled aka Orgasm (Get Back 1998 reissue; apparently quad compatible? I bought this from Julian Cope when he was offloading via ebay just FYI)
    Crippled Black Phoenix - Sharks & Storms ep (2007 Invada original issue; Electric Wizard/Mogwai people side project)
    Men-An-Tol ‎– Through The Quoit (2010 Static Caravan, 2 inch top seam split; experimental folk stuff)
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