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45 trades (psych, garage, funky bits etc...)

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  • 45 trades (psych, garage, funky bits etc...)

    Having a clear out of my doubles pile - nothing super rare but lots of fun gear for the playout bag. All VG+ or better unless mentioned.
    Drop me a PM if anything is of interest...

    TRIFLE - got my thing (UA)
    Doesn't get mentioned as much as their other singles, great funky B-side. Pic sleeve is creased, but disc is VG+

    MAYFIELDS MULE - double dealing woman (Parlophone) GONE

    ENNIO MORRICONE - my name is nobody (Ariola)
    German pressing with pic sleeve. Brilliantly eccentric spaghetti sounds. Hairlines on disc, plays great.

    KEITH - the problem (RCA promo)
    Pop-psych mover with big orchestration

    DECEMBERS CHILDREN - sweet talking woman (Mainstream promo) GONE

    BUNKY & JAKE - uncle henry's basement (Mercury promo) folk-funk/free-soul gear

    WOMB - my baby cares about the good things (DOT promo)
    Speedy and ragged US psych banger. Could also fit in a revved-up folk funk set! My fave tune on their LP +++

    MESSENGERS - in the jungle (Rare Earth) GONE

    SCORPION - can't get blood from a stone (American Recording)
    Comped by Light Sounds Dark guys. Ace double-sider, hard-psych-funkish gear.

    BLACK SUN - flash/ back to bombay (Basf) GONE

    WARM DUST - worm dance/ it's a beautiful day (Trend)
    Fun UK jazzy prog on Trend

    THE ROGUE SHOW - make me over again (Paula)
    Bloody lovely garage-y free soul gear

    MICHEL JASMIN - dernier aventurier (Pathe) GONE

    MAURIZIO - un uomo (Polydor)
    With pic sleeve. Italian funk rock with breakzz

    RAMASANDIRAN - skinny woman (Magma juke box) GONE

    IVY PEEBLES - since you've ben gone (Paula)
    Great double-sider of jazzy, garagey free-soul

    ALEX KEENAN - fuzz (Colgems)
    Sneakily it's actually the Stanley Myers instrumental from "Otley OST!!! Great to have on 45! (starts at 2:50 )

    NEW TROLLS - corro de te (Cetra) GONE

    ENNIO MORRICONE - il clan dei siciliani/ tema per le goff (Cam) Italian pic sleeve issue of this classic Morricone slice

    THE FIFTH ORDER - walking away (Diamond)
    Great garage

    STIX AND STONES - rogue plant blues (Odeon) GONE

    BOBBIE GRAHAM - zoom, widge and wag (Fontana) GONE
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    Muchos mixes <<<<


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    List updated - anymore for anymore?
    Muchos mixes <<<<