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VINYL VULTURE / VG+ SWAP CDs up for grabs!

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  • VINYL VULTURE / VG+ SWAP CDs up for grabs!

    I'm trying to de-clutter and there's a box of about 200 VG+ swapshop CDs in my kitchen cupboard which need re-homed. Circa 2004-2008. Actually, a few are Beaver funk board swaps and a few are just random podcasts burned on CD (like Cherrystones and Mr FineWine shows and things). I'm not quite sure what to do with them, asking for trades seems a bit cheeky, and there's perhaps too many for one person to ingest. So...

    I think I'll offer them up here, shuffle them and share them out (depending on how many people are interested - I can't really be arsed sending five CDs to 40 people). I'd like these to go to regular posters, so:

    1) minimum of 50 posts
    2) you cover the postage via paypal
    3) you make a wee donation to charity

    Chocks away!
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    I'll take a few off your hands Mr D
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      And just in case anyone is wondering or thinking I'm being 'grabby.' I do have ALL the VG+ Swaps (with sleeves) from 2005 onwards so don't require any of those.

      BUT...I only have CD copies of the TWO Swaps that took place in 2004, but no sleeves for them. (There was an Easter Swap and a Xmas Swap that year and Brother Logic kindly and awesomely burned copies for me)

      I'm desperate to be able to scan the sleeves of both of those Swaps to complete the Swap CDs archive over at Forumusic.

      This is definitely a Frankie Valli moment for me... (Beggin')
      and 'Yes'! .... I have trades!
      A Carly Simon moment right now too. (Anticipation)
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        I would also actually be interested in a few of the pre-2005 swaps or non board CDs.
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