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  • Back O' The Box 45 Trades

    No PMs about trades please. Email me at [email protected]. I can make and email over mp3 clips if required, thanks.
    I'm looking for other funk/soul 45s (ones by new bands too, need to catch up on those), and weird gear.

    The 45s:

    Juggy – Buttered Popcorn/Sock It To Me – Sue
    Jimmy Castor Bunch – Troglodyte/I Promise To Remember – RCA
    Monk Montgomery – Bump De Bump/Reality – Phili Inc
    James Brown – Spinning Wheel pts1&2 – King
    James Brown – There Was A Time/I Can’t Stand Myself – Euro Polydor
    Richmond International – Back on the Road Again/Maybe if I Leave You – Red Coach
    James Brown – Superbad, Superslick/Hot – Polydor
    Rimshots – Concerto in F/Save That Thing – A-1
    Maceo & All The Kingsmen – Funky Women/Southwick – House of the Fox
    Dr John – Right Place Wrong Time/I Been Hooded – Atco
    Earnest Jackson – Love & Happiness/Hogwash – Stone
    The Caprells – Close Your Eyes/Walk On By – Bano
    Dennis Coffey – Taurus/Can You Feel It – Sussex
    Hot Property – Hard To Handle/Again – Generation
    The Silhouettes – Red Snow/Oh What A Day – Western World
    Chris Jones – I’m The Man/Destination Unknown – Goodie Train
    Toddlin’ Town Sounds – It’s Your Thing/The Dud – Toddlin Town
    Hank Ballard – How You Gonna Get Respect/Teardrops On Your Letter – King
    The Electric Indian – Keem-O-Sabe/Broad Street – United Artists
    Lloyd Price – They Get Down/Trying to Slip Away
    Marlena Shaw – Woman of the Ghetto/Same (shorter) – Cadet
    Eddy G Giles – Soul Feeling pts 1&2 – Murco
    Lee Austin – Tutti Fruiti/Same (mono) – Polydor
    Betty Wright – Babysitter/Outside Woman – Alston
    Ad Libs – Giving Up/Appreciation – Share
    Rhythm Masters – Black Conversation/I Can Do Anything You Can – Success
    Funkadelic – I’ll Bet You/Open Your Eyes – Westbound
    Thomas East – Funky Music pts 1&2 – MGM
    John Barry – Theme From The Persuaders/The Girl With The Sun In Her Hair – CBS
    Banbarra – Shack Up pts 1&2 – United Artists
    The Last Word – Funky & Some/Keep On Bumpin – Polydor
    Johnny Talbot – Git Sum/Pickin Cotton – Jasman
    The Conservatives – Punchin Song/That’s All – Ebonic Sound
    100% Pure Poison – Windy C/You Keep Coming Back – Soul Brother (re)
    Ramsey Lewis – The In Crowd/Since I Fell For You – Argo
    The JB’s – These Are The JBs pts 1&2 – Mojo (uk)
    The Highlighters – The Funky 16 Corners/Poppin Corners – Stones Throw (re)
    Bazuka – Love Explosion/Mono – AM
    The Parliaments – I Wanna Testify/I Can Feel The Ice Melting – Trans World
    Saxie Russel – Psychedelic Soul pts 1&2 – Thomas
    Benny Sharp & The Sharpees – Music (I Like It) pts 1&2 – Midas
    Alan Tew Orchestra – The Sweeney/The Prowler – Epic
    Jesse Anderson – Mighty Mighty/I Got A Problem – Thomas
    Jungle Jim – Masai (Do The Masai Children/Inst – Renee
    Mr Jim & The Rhythm Machine – Do The Hot Pants/Midnight in Madrid – Wizdom
    Zip Codes – Sweet Meat pts 1&2 – Better
    Freddie Scott – You Got What I Need/Powerful Love – Shout
    The Delights Orchestra – Do Your Thing/King of the Horse – Atco
    The Chubukos – House of the Rising Funk/Witch Doctor Bump – Mainstream
    The Meters – Doodle-Oop/I Need More Time – Josie
    James Brown – The Drunk – Bethlehem
    King Curtis – Memphis Soul Stew – Atco
    George McCrae – I Get Lifted – TK
    Bronx River Parkway – Quienes Que Resolvero – Latin Express
    Ramsey Lewis – Up Tight/Money in the Pocket – Cadet
    Incredible Bongo Band – Bongolia/Bongo Rock – MGM
    Rotary Connection – Respect/The Weight – Cadet Concept
    Dave Baby Cortez – Funky Robot pts 1&2 – All Platinum
    The Corner Boys – Gang War/Take It Easy Soul Brother – Neptune
    Ice Water Slim – I Don’t Understand It/Dream On, Dream On – Hawk Sound
    Howard Blake – An Elephant Called Slowly/Poli-Poli – Bell
    Lou Courtney – I’ve Got Stop Just The Thing/You Ain’t Easy – Riveside
    George Semper – It’s Your Thing/Don’t Be Afraid – Rama Rama
    Elijah & The Ebonites – Sock It To ‘Em Soul Brother/Hot Grits – Capsoul
    Sugar Minott – Oh Mr DC – Studio 1
    Oliver Sain - London Express/Blowing For Love – Abet
    Love For Dollars & Cents – The Next World/inst – Co-Co
    The Sisters Love – A Better Man Than You/mono – Mowest
    Lee Mitchell – Best Shot/So Called Friends – Full Speed Ahead
    Myra Barnes – Super Good pts 1&2 – King
    Betty Davis – If I’m In Luck I Might Get Picked Up – Sunshine
    Soul Inc – Funky Lady pts 1&3 – Sock
    Nina Simone – Ain’t Got No; I Got Lige/Real Real – RCA
    Jesse James – At Last/I Know I’ll Never Find Another One – Zay
    General Crook – What Time It Is pts 1&2 – Down To Earth
    8Th Ave Express – Funky Hot Pants – Superstar (re)
    Harmonica George – Get In The Kitchen & Burn – Toddlin Town
    Village Callers – Hector pts 1&2 – Vampisoul (re)
    James Brown – Slaughter Theme/Sexy Sexy Sexy – Polydor (europe)
    Sticks of Dynamight – It’s Football Baby/Kick the Habit – (re)
    Orch Les Wanyika – Sina Makossa pts 1&2 – Polydor (africa)
    All Souls Magnificent People – Old School Funky Music People – Soul Prolific
    South Dallas Funk Festival EP – Now Again
    Laura Lee – Crumbs Off The Table – Radio Active (re)
    A Different Bag – Track Down – Bag
    Vera Hamilton – But I Ain’t No More/Debbie Linsday – Spells & Incantations – BGP (re)
    Marie Queenie Lyons – Drown in my Own Tears – Deluxe
    Friend & Lover – Reach Out Of The Darkeness – Verve
    James & Bobby Purify – I’m Your Puppet – Bell
    Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell – California Soul – Tamla
    LaMont Johnson Quartet - Thunderfist OST EP – Artisan (re)
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    You have the wax printings on that thunderfist EP, lamont johnson. Or any clue how you can spot it's an original contra the reissue ..
    Buckingham pecker!


    • #3
      I think I have a copy of that EP, PM me the details you're after...

      If you're looking for a pristine copy then this isn't the one for you. The vinyl looks like someone has polished their brickwork with it and the label has been ruined by some fool with a pen.


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        PM SENT ..

        my pressing of the thunderfist ep has AR1973 - B in the dead wax press.

        Pretty sure it's an OG

        Originally posted by Sie Vulture View Post
        I think I have a copy of that EP, PM me the details you're after...

        Buckingham pecker!