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  • March trades (all sorts)

    Tastes for every sort of everything differ, not to mention those for records! Here are on offer a few doubles and some 'not right up my valley' nominees:

    Shtourtsite (Balkanton) vg+/vg+ - Prog
    Sarolta Zalatnay (Supraphon) vg+/vg+ - Cheesy one. Some catchy funky Skorpio dribs and drabs
    Ustad Nisar Husain Khan (His Master's Voice) vg+/vg+ - Indian classical
    Rahul Dev Burman - Ashanti (EMI) vg+/vg+ - Bollywood OST a go-go.

    Autumn Rhythms 83 Jazz Fest (Melodiya) vg+/vg+ - Purely genuine soviet jazz heads get-together
    Moscow 78 Jazz Fest (Melodiya) vg+/generic - Jazz rock breaks on this one fairly known here I think
    Konstantin Orbelyan - Songs (Melodiya) vg+/generic - jazz funk breaks. A soviet digger`s classic.
    Melodiya Ensemble (Melodiya, and where on Earth else)) vg+/vg+ - The cats get less funkier but more jazzy on this one.

    Melodiya Ensemble - Tribute to Duke (Melodiya) vg+/vg+ - Funkier than a mosquito`s twiiter
    Alex Zatsepin (Melodiya) vg+/generic - The man still goes on talking with happiness. A fave of mine. Shaman`s Dance classic psych funk groover.
    VIA Disko (Melodiya) - vg+/generic - Igor Petrenko`s conduction. Really bad one! A disco staple on Melodiya
    Eduard Artemiev - The Warmth of Earth (Melodiya) vg+/vg+ - Space prog. 'I'll take your brain to another dimension, pay close attention.'

    Le Pamplemousse - Sweet Magic (AVI Records) - vg+/vg+ - We love disco!
    Ivara Vīgnera Ansamblis ‎– Līksmībai Un Dancošanai (Melodiya) vg+/generic - An easy listening recording busting loose at regular intervals.
    Polad Bülbüloğlu - Don`t be afraid, I`m with you OST (Melodiya) vg+/vg+ - A rarely seen one these days. So wanted for a beastie psych funk rock opener. Crack it!
    Leningrad Dixieland (Melodiya) vg+/vg+ - For its funky 'When The Saints Go Marchin` In' the records is worth the price of admission.

    Omega XI (Pepita) vg/vg+ - Artsy-craftsy space prog.
    Ovsyannikov Orchestra (Melodiya) vg+/vg+ - A space disco effort. He definitely put enough albow grease and polish into this one.
    T-Rex (Antrop) vg+/vg+ - A post-USSR half bootlegged release
    Pesnyari - Gusliar (Melodiya) vg+/vg+ - Per mate took a shine to this one. Hope someone else does. A funky folk rock piece.

    Sven Grunberg (Melodiya) vg+/vg+ - Needs no 'this is a...' intro. My release (the sleevework is different) is claimed to have spawned 1500 copies according to the sleevenote.
    Credo - Baltais Ceļš (Melodiya) vg+/vg+ - You define it. Suave pop and rock blend
    Roof Ensemble (Melodiya) vg+/vg+ - Heads-up for avant-gAArde jazz aficionados.

    So you see them and feel free to ask me via private messaging!
    Anything to get funky/groovy or go on a psych/garage/post-punk record binge with is highly appreciated.
    Each one peace apeace.

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    Alex Zatsepin and Polad Bülbüloğlu are GONE