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Ben's Pre-Kick Off Trades - Allez les Bleus!

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  • Ben's Pre-Kick Off Trades - Allez les Bleus!

    Try again. Laptop crashed and I think most of the match passed by while it rebooted.

    Couple of East German Amiga bits and two Raga sets (VV classics one and all)

    More of yer luvverly VV canon.

    Some JB reissues that I just never seem to play these days (still can’t quite bring myself to part with ‘In A Jungle Groove’ though) and Shades of Brown with the notorious ‘The Soil I Tilled For You’ break.

    More reissues that I just never pull from the racks these days, nor can I foresee a day when I do so. Let them go where they’d be enjoyed.

    Vaguely ‘jazzy’ stuff. Heaven ‘Brass Rock’ has the crucifix sleeve intact, if a bit scuffed, vinyl is cock-on.

    Random and miscellaneous. But I’m sure you all know what you’re looking at here.
    Jet Boy stole my baby.

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    Janice harvey.... lovely Welsh Folk.... I will see what I have for trade
    sigpicRock on Penderyn


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      Cool Rhys, looking forward to that.

      Editing my post (crashed laptop, taking an age to reboot) meant that my initial comments about what I'm after got deleted.

      Basically, grunge / alt-rock, some 80s pop 12"s (Kate Bush, Associates, 70s/80s Bowie, owt with an interesting remix), funky rock, jazzy prog, folk-funk, femme vox, plenty of VV classics still elude me, would love some interesting soundtracks (less blaxploitation, more Lalo Schifrin), new wave / post punk and I really like being tipped off on stuff that I don't know about but which you think I'd like.

      Really not bothered about 1:1 trades. Would rather shift stuff and keep refreshing the racks, so am more than happy to trade multiples of mine for one of yours etc.
      Jet Boy stole my baby.


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        On Hold:
        The Pop Group

        Jancis Harvey
        Gunther Fischer
        Jancis Harvey
        Manfred Krug
        John Brown Junior
        Shades of Brown
        Ray Davies

        Most of the rest will go down the market this weekend.
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        Jet Boy stole my baby.