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100+ lps for trade/sale. Rare and common stuff

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  • 100+ lps for trade/sale. Rare and common stuff

    Conditions vary but I will give a grade/description if anything are of interest. I prefer trading if but can easily be talked into selling. I’m mainly after obscure breaks/beats of any kind and strong soul lps.

    Mail to: [email protected]

    -Stan Rubin Orch.: “Jazz Class With Luigi” (Hoctor) breaks!!! 3 or 4 drumbreaks. Try to see which one I mean:
    -Roy Ayers: “Everybody Loves the Sunshine” (polydor) still in Shrink.
    -Funkadelic: “Same” (Westbound) Blue label=early 2nd press.
    -J.O.B. Orchestra: “Open The Doors to Your Heart” (Govinda) samples and some quality soul tunes. As heard on Conmen mix.
    -“Jud” OST (Ampex) Psych, people under stairs samples.
    -V/A(Bennett, Mansfield etc.): “Great Expectations” (kpm)
    -V/A(Bennett, Gray etc.): “Caricature” (kpm) some cool grooves. Samples and loops. Sampled by UK act.
    -Box Two: “Gun Man” (De Wolfe) nice grooves. Loops and samples.
    -The J.B.’s: “Hustle With Speed” (People) still in shrink.
    -Charles Kynard: “Your Mama Don’t Dance” (Mainstream)
    -Solaris: “Same” (Dana)
    -Galt MacDermot: “First Natural Hair Band” (UA) original
    -Lill Lindfors: “Du Är Den Ende” (Polydor)
    -Lill Lindfors: “Fritt Fram” (Metronome)
    -Lill Lindfors: ”Kom Igen!” (Metronome)
    -Eddie Skoller: ”Facetter” (Philips) with top line-up: Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen, Allan Botschinsky, Bjarne Rostvold etc. soundclips at:
    -Cox Orange: ”Same” (Amar) vinyl is cool, but sleeve has a bit heavy wear.
    -Shubidua: ”1” (Polydor) drumbreak.
    -Shubidua: “6” (Polydor) drumbreak
    -Gitte Hænning: “Same” (Emi) Version of “Put Your hand in a hand” with cool break.
    -Secret Oyster: “Vidunderlige Kælling” (Cbs) break!!!
    -Natdamperen: ”Boogieman Eats frikadeller” (Abel) 2LP Rare. Soundclips at:
    -Tommy Broman: ”Efter Midnatt” (YTF)
    -RAMP: “Come Into Knowledge” (Blue Thumb)
    -Funk Inc.: “Superfunk” (Prestige)
    -Real Thing: “Same” (Philips)
    -Ike Turner & The Kings of Rhythm: “A Black Man’s Soul” (Pompeii)
    -Björn J:son Lindh: ”Cous Cous” (Metronome)
    -Luna: “Same” (Penta)
    -Lise Reinau: “Hilsen fra Lise” (Nikolaj) ”Arkiv samba”
    -Birgit Lystager & Poul Freiber: ”Øjeblikke” (Rocco) Incl. ”Sambad”
    -Smoke: ”Same” (Chocolate City) Sealed copies. Nice late 70’s soul with both disco and funk influences. Apparently a soundtrack see for info.
    -(Hugh) Masekela: “Colonial Man” (Casablanca) Sealed copies. Fusion with brazillian flavour. Few nice tracks.
    -Al Wilson: “I’ve Got a Feeling” (Playboy) Sealed Copies. "You did it for me"
    -The Main Ingredient: “Bitter” (Rca) Sealed copies.
    -The New Birth: “Coming From All Ends” (Rca) Sealed and non sealed copies.
    -The 5th Dimension: “Love’s Lines, Angles and Rhymes” (Bell) Sealed and non sealed copy.
    -New York City: “I’m Doin’ Fine Now” (Chealsea) sealed. Dilated Peoples.
    -John Handy: “Carnival” (Abc) Sealed copies. Bassline for Diamond d’s “Fuck what ya heard”
    -Jimmy Walker: “Dyn-O-Mite” (Buddah) Sealed copies. Spoken word, as used by the Beasties etc.
    -The Originals: “Def-i-ni-tions” (Soul) Sealed. Soul, some nice tracks on here.
    -The Charles Rouse Band: “Cinnamon Flower” (Douglas) sealed copies.
    -New Birth: “Behold the Mighty Army” (Warner Bros.) incl. “Deeper”
    -Brother to Brother: “Shades in Creation” (Turbo) Sealed and non sealed copy. Think it’s been on a Conmen cd.
    -Pointer Sisters: “Having a Party” (Blue Thumb) incl. “Don’t it Drive you crazy” nice soultrack used by gangstarr.
    -The Main Ingredient: “Rolling Down A Mountainside” (Rca)
    -Wade Marcus: “Metamorphosis” (Abc)
    -Riot: “Welcome to the World of Riot” (Motown)
    -Ron Banks and the Dramatics: “The Dramatic Jackpot” (Abc)
    -The Dramatics: “Shake It Well” (Abc)
    -The Dramatics: “Joy Ride” (Abc)
    -Eddie Kendricks: “Same” (Tamla) “Keep on Truckin’”
    -King Floyd: “Think About It” (Atco)
    -Jackie Jackson: “Same” (Motown) drumbreak.
    -Gladys Knight & The Pips/Curtis Mayfield: “Claudine” OST (Buddah) “On and On”+”Mr. Welfare Man”
    -The Cecil Holmes Soulful Sounds: “The Black Motion Picture Expirience” (Buddah)-UBB
    -Niki Aukema: “Nothing Free” (Paramount) incl. “Lucky Lost Sin”.
    -The Headhunters: “Survival of the Fittest” (Arista)
    -V/A: “Honey Baby, Honey Baby” OST (Rca)
    -Rose Royce: “Car Wash” OST (Mca)
    -Delegation: “The Promise of Love” (State) “Oh Honey” UBB
    -Westwing: “Same” (20th Century) Barry White, writing on front cover.
    -Rasputin’s Stash: “Same” (Cotillion)
    -Bobby Moore and the Rythm Aces: “Searching For My Love” (Checker)
    -Platnum Hook: “Same” (Motown) incl. “Gotta Find a Woman”
    -DeBarge: “All This Love” (Gordy)
    -The Eugene Record: “Eugene Record” (Warner Bros.) incl. “Overdose of Joy” and sampled on the new de la soul lp.
    -Michael White: “Father Music, Mother Dance” (abc impulse)
    -Michael White(‘s Magic Music Company): Go With the Flow” (Abc)-Jurassic 5 samples.
    -The Friends of Distinction: “Love Can Make It Easier” (Rca)
    -Jr. Walker: “Whopper Bopper Show Stopper” (Soul)
    -The Persuaders: “Same” (Atco)
    -The Tymes: “Turning Point” (Rca) sealed.
    -Blue Magic: “Thirteen Blue Magic Lane” (Atco) dilated peoples.
    -First Choice: “Armed and Extremely Dangerous” (Philly Groove)
    -B.T. Express: “Non Stop” (Roadshow)
    -The Masqueraders: “Love Anonymous” (Abc)
    -Chuck Jackson: “Needing You Holding You” (All Platinum) Sealed.
    -Solar Plexus: “Same” (Innercity)
    -The Whispers: “Open Up Your Love” (Soultrain)
    -Jigsaw: “Same” (Chelsea) drums.
    -Buddy Terry: “Awareness” (Mainstream)
    -Terry Huff and Special Delivery: “The Lonely One” (Mainstream) “Just Not Enough Love”+”I Destroyed Your Love” Curtis Mayfield like soul.
    -Zulema: “Same” (Rca) "Its alright with me" nice funky soul tune.
    -Libra: “Same” (Motown)
    -Thelma Houston: “Any Way You Like It” (Motown)
    -Candi Station: “Young Hearts Run Free” (Warner Bros.)
    -Candi Station: “Candi” (Warner Bros.)
    -Candi Station: “Music Speaks Louder Than Words” (Warner Bros.)
    -Allen Toussaint: “Motion” (Warner Bros.) drumbreak.
    -The Soul Train Gang: “Same” (Soultrain)”Ooh Cha”
    -Brenda and the Tabulations: “I Keep Coming Back For More” (Casablanca)
    -Floaters: “Same” (Abc) “Float On”
    -Eric Mercury: “Same” (Mercury)
    -Fantastic Four: “Alvin Stone (The Birth and Death of a Gangster)” (Westbound)
    -Phillip Lambra: “Murf the Surf” (Motown)
    -Pratt & McClain: “Featuring Happy Days” (Reprise) "Whachersign" has been featured on a Soul Togetherness compilation
    -American Gypsy: “Same” (Philips) original dutch pressing which was out one year before the US press.
    -Don Sebesky: “The Rape of el Moro” (Cti)
    -The Staple Singers: “Let’s Do It Again” OST (Curtom)
    -Banks & Hampton: “Passport to Ecstasy” (Warner Bros.)
    -Commodores: “Natural High” (Motown)-jungle brothers.
    -Sweet Cream & Other Delights: “Sweet Cream” (Shady Brook)
    -Pussle: “Same” (Motown)
    -Larry Santos: “You Are Everything I Need” (Casablanca)”We Can’t Hide It Anymore”, great soul tune.
    -New Birth: “Love Potion” (Warner Bros.)
    -Ohio Players: “Honey” (Mercury)
    -Mouth & MacNeal: “How Do You Do?” (Philips)
    -Tom Scott: “Blow it Out” (Ode)
    -Issac Hayes: “Groove-A.Thon” (Abc)
    -Detroit Emeralds: “Feel the Need” (Westbound)
    -Graham Central Station: “Ain’t No’Bout-A-Doubt It” (Warner Bros.) drumbreak
    -Emerson Lake & Palmer: “Love Beach” (Atlantic) drumbreak as used by Artifacts and Foreign Legion.
    -Seals & Crofts: “Get Closer” (Warner Bros.) Busta Rhymes.
    -Rhythm Heritage: “Sky’s The Limit” (Abc)
    -O.C. Smith: “Love Is Forever” (Shady Brook)
    -The Supremes: “High Energy” (Motown)
    -Buddy Miles: “Bicentennial Gathering of the Tribes” (Casablanca)
    -Buddy Miles: “More Miles Per Gallon” (Casablanca)
    -Keni Burke: “Same” (Dark Horse)
    -Princes of Love: “Mirage” (Rca)
    -Mavis Staples: “A Piece of the Action” (Curtom)
    -The Undisputed Truth: “Higher Than High” (Gordy)
    -Alex Bradford: “A Lifetime Believing” (Cotillion)
    -The Crusaders: “Images” (Abc)
    -Rufus ft. Chaka Khan: “Ask Rufus” (Abc)
    -Rare Earth: “Same” (Prodical)
    -Jeannie Reynolds: “Cherries, Bananas & Other Fine Things” (Casablanca)incl.”The Fruit Song”

    Lps below is reserved:

    -V/A(Michel Gonet/RaymondGuiot etc.): “Indicatifs” (Telemusic)-dusty fingers cut and other similar grooves.
    -Czerwone Gitary: “Rytm Ziemi” (Muza) 3 or 4 drumbreaks.
    -Chigaco Gangsters: “Blind Over You” (Gold Mine)
    -Kool & the Gang: “Light of Worlds” (De-lite)”Summer Madness”
    -Dizzy Gilespie: “The Real Thing” (Perception)
    -V/A: “Hogan, the Hawk and Dirty John Crown” (De Wolfe)

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    more trades

    I'm not really into 45's unless it's impeach the president

    -Electric Glide in Blue OST (UA) break
    -Sammy Nestico: “Dark Orchid” (Dark Orchid) dusty fingers cut.
    -Lamont Dozier: “Out Here On My Own” (Abc)
    -Touch of Class: “I’m In Heaven” (Midland)
    -Lamont Dozier: “Black Bach” (Abc)
    -Listen: “Ft. Mel Martin” (Innercity)
    -Aquarian Dream: “Fantasy” (Elektra)
    -Raices: “Same” (Nemperor) Latin/fusion.
    -Patti Austen: “End of a Rainbow” (CTI)
    -Patrice Rushen: “Patrice” (Elektra)
    -Norman Connors: “You Are My Starship” (Buddah)
    -Roberta Flack: “Quite Fire” (Atlantic)
    -Roberta Flack: “Blue Lights in the Basement” (Atlantic)