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    All right, sirs, my a go-go baby wanna boogaloo to the plussers` overseas records and this time she means it
    Them records are up for trade and listed as seen above :

    Emil Dimitrov - S/T Bulgaria
    Igor Bril - The Earth`s Morning USSR
    Harari - Heatwave South Africa
    General - Rocking`n`Rolling Poland
    Paul Kuhn - Happy Berlin Germany
    Anatoly Vapirov - A Mistery USSR
    Pražský Big Band ‎– Podobizna Czechoslovakia
    Gerd Michaelis Chor S/T Germany
    VIA Smerichka S/T USSR
    Melodiya Ensemble - Pop Mosaic USSR
    Moscow Jazz Fest `78 vol. 3 USSR
    James Last - Jubilation USSR
    Jan "Ptaszyn" Wróblewski, Wojciech Karolak ‎– Mainstream Polish Jazz vol. 40
    Dielo their 2nd LP USSR
    Iveriya their 2nd LP USSR
    VIA Orizont their debut LP USSR
    W. Kazasyan / Variety Orchestra Of The Committie For TVR Bulgaria
    VIA Smerichka their 3rd LP
    Ashanti OST India
    Breakout - ZOL Poland
    Yalla - Three Wells USSR
    Melodiya Ensemble - A Tribute to Duke USSR
    Roza Rymbayeva and VIA Arai - With You, Music USSR
    Donika Venkova Bulgaria
    Sharps and Flats S/T USSR
    Crimean Tatar`s folk chanting USSR
    Shashvebi Gerogian instro folk USSR
    Igor Nasaruk - Assertion USSR
    Tilt Paulus S/T USSR
    Sofiya Rotaru her 2nd LP USSR
    A. Gradksy - The Lovers` Romance USSR
    Alexander Katenin - Alone in the Maze of Rhythms USSR
    R. Pauls - Nightbirds USSR
    The Blue Jeans S/T USSR
    Deak Big Band Hungary
    Lusine Zakaryan Sings USSR
    Igor Chernyavsky - Tomorrow will be Yesterday USSR
    Ferdi Taifur S/T USSR
    Via Iveriya - Jays Wedding USSR
    Tbilisi Fest `86 USSR
    Perez Prado compilation 2 LPs Japan
    Klaipėdos Fakultetų Džiazo Orkestras ‎– Klaipėdos Fakultetų Džiazo Orkestras USSR
    GDES 2nd lp Cuba
    TOČR JOČR ‎– Matiné Populární A Jazzové Hudby Czechoslovakia
    Andrzey Trzakowski Quintet Poland
    Breakout - Kamiene Poland
    Polish Jazz All-Stars Poland
    Narghita ‎– Melodii Din Filme Indiene Romania

    All are in a jolly VG+ nick but for several ones - feel free to check`em with me if need.

    All-that-funk-groove-psych-oriented offers are welcome
    Alex mate