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Spring Cleaning Trades Jazz Funk Soul Breaks Beats

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  • Spring Cleaning Trades Jazz Funk Soul Breaks Beats

    Give me a shout on these. Everything is at least VG+. If you are interested please submit a trades list to me via email. [email protected]

    -Jazz Contemporaries
    “Reasons In Tonality” Strata-East
    Strata-East heavies Clifford Jordan, Larry Ridley, and Keno Duke give it to you the way you like it.

    -Keno Duke
    “Sense of Values” Strata-East
    Heads know the deal.

    -Billy Harper
    “Capra Black” Strata-East
    Heads know the deal.

    -Stanley Cowell
    “Musa” Strata-East
    “Traveling Man” will get’er done. Heads know the deal.

    -The Music of Charles Brackeen
    “Rhythm X” Strata-East.
    Heads know the deal. Yup.

    -Fred Stone
    “The Music of….” RCI 377
    This is solid straight ahead third-strem ish. Featured on the upcoming RCI comp on Do-Right. Very strong jazz.

    -The Dave Shaw Ten
    “Themes” RCI 381
    Dave Shaw kicks it funky big-band library style with covers of “Hawaii 5-0” and the BEST MOST NASTY “Hikky Burr” cover of all time. Better than the OG and I’ll stand by that shit.

    -Lee Gagnon Quintet
    Very nice straight ahead bop-model-esque jazzy-ness from

    -The Music of Ron Proby
    “Evian” RCI 374
    Stoned out bearded Montreal jazz funk. This entire thing is off the chain Bitches Brew-esque shit. But many a track in that much loved by the kids 4/4 pattern. Really though this is an incredible LP all the way through. Highest Recommendation.

    -Herby Spanier
    “Forensic Perturbations” RCI 376
    Another RCI Hard-Bop heater. Who knew Saskatchewan got down like that? Handcorkscrew cannot function in the morning until after he listens to this LP.

    -Bernie Senesky Trio
    RCI/CBC Transcription 416
    Another large WOAH. This RCI shit is bubbling folks. “Beloved Gift” @ 8:40 in duration is that HEAT. Otherwise killer Jazz funk outing from this balding Canadian pianist from Winnipeg. I believe this track is featured on the upcoming comp. On Do Right records outta Toronto. These RCI LP’s were never sold to the public. Good luck finding any other copies. This is also the first press RCI with the Red Dr. No type cover.

    -Peace, Justice & Equality
    “At the Disco” SGR
    Extremely incredible Funk from Virginia. I cannot recommend this any higher. That dude Alhambra was flossing doubles of these. You know this shit is tough. Not one bad track.

    -Steve Reid
    “Rhythmatism” Mustevic Sound Inc.
    WOAH. This is an incredible spiritual funky jazz private press LP. All the way through goodness that Soul Jazz records in the UK just re-ished. It’s hard to pick a favorite track on this, but mine is “Kai”. Off the meat curtains.

    -Jazzberry Patch S/T
    It’s really good private press jazz funk. People are all over this.

    -Incantation “The Forefront”
    Really really good private press jazz funk from Curtis Mayfield trumpeter.
    That big-dude Raj from ISHED this shit yo!

    -Gator OST
    Mad illy dusty finger break beats. Found sealed in a used tool shop.

    -Bobby Forrester
    “The Organist” Dobre
    Classic funk album. Many a good tune.

    -Little Boy Blues
    “In the Woodland of Weir” Fontana
    Heavy Heavy, AEIOU and Jay-Z approved psych funk monster outta chi-town.

    -Melvyn Price
    “Rytmer II” Meldor
    Ex-pat drummer goes to Sweden. Cuts some dope records. This one is earthy world sounding deal. Very good though.

    “Snakehips Etcetera” Sire
    Funky fresh fusion from Mr. Ian Carr.

    “Son of My Father” Dunhill
    Organ made famous by Mr. Josh Shadow. That dog on the cover is also quite tough.

    -Oiling Boiling
    “Two Faces” CBS Finland
    Serious music from finnish drummer. Tracks like “Groovy Samba”, “Funkalator”, and “Cyclop’s Dance” make you take notice.

    -Lalo Schifrin
    “There’s A Whole Lalo..Going On”
    Tight outing from this dude.

    -Disco Samba
    “Two Man Sound” Attic
    Comped disco funky stuff.

    -Erotic Drum Band
    “Action 78” Downstairs
    Same deal as the above LP. Good stuff.

    -Hawaii 5-0 OST

    -George Semper
    “Makin’ Waves” Imperial
    Classic Funk Jazz LP.

    -Mike Longo
    “Talk with the Spirits” Pablo
    Highly slept on Jazz Funk LP with Dizzy on it. Many a dope, and very long tracks.

    -Bernard “Pretty” Purdie
    “Soul Is…” Flying Dutchman
    Classic Jazz funk from revered breakbeat veteran.

    -Norman Williams
    “The One Mind Experience” Theresa
    Nice Jazz funk.

    -East St. Louis Lincoln Jazz Band
    “Peek to Peak”
    Stage band hotness from one of the most forgotten towns in US. There is a track called “Funktown.” Good local tunes.

    -George Duke & Feel MPS
    Funky Jazz. Ndugo and Airto on the bitch. But it’s 1974 MPS. Can’t really go wrong.

    -Peter Appleyard Presents…..
    Salisbury Laboratories
    Yo! Insane Latin B-boy track. If you saw the cover you’d be scratching your head. “Mambo #5” being the track that will surprise you. The vinyl is white. Very hot in Japan right now. Canadian LP.

    -The Insect Trust
    “Hoboken Saturday Night” ATCO
    Psychish LP with Bernard Purdie on drums. Solidly nice.

    -JBL Sessions JBL
    Classic break LP.