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    Need to clear some space. Nothing too exciting, but thought I'd offer them before they head out. Usual deal, postage from the UK, etc

    "Bottom Shelf Delights"

    Marx Bros
    Sally Go Round the Roses - nursery rhymes educational record
    Sesame Street
    Dr Murray Banks - yiddish comedy
    Yoga For Health - double, with inserts, flyers, etc
    Self hypnosis


    Songs of Israel - couple of nice folky ones on here. Gatefold with booklet
    Sharona Aron - folk. quiet pressing though. first track "At-At" is really nice, some nice ones on second side too
    Songs of Israel comp
    Orquesta Reve - cuban album on Realworld
    Barbados - tourist job gatefold with booklet etc
    Breton drums and bagpipes
    US Slovakian record
    Great cover, but only Hawaiian music, not Exotica (and they're not even Hawaiian, but Samoan)


    cumbia - La Cologiala
    discos fuentes EP on mango - 1 track cumbia, 1 more dubby, 1 dancehall, and 1 awful cover of La Bamba to round things off
    Silver Bullet - 20 Seconds to comply
    3 Norman Cook remixes of above
    Palm Skin Productions
    Bernice Frazier - 80s electro cover of Use Me
    Hot RS - House of the Rising Sun, disco version


    Johnny Mathis and Nelson Riddle - lovely mint copy
    Tony Bennett / Count Basie - 80s re
    Keith Jarrett - double LP on ECM
    Don Ellis Underground - bit crackly, but still playable. "It's Your Thing", "Eli's Coming" etc
    Jacques Loussier - drums and piano, only VG
    Stuff Smith - US jazz violinist, backed by MPS guys

    VV gear + country

    Killer Watts
    Ray McVay - double, mostly cheese, but great "Vehicle" on this and couple of other okay-ish covers
    Spike Island - UK country, beaty opening track sung by Dave Peacock (Chas'n'Dave) is great, singer on the rest is a bit rubbish
    Stereo '69 - "Birds" by Tony Hatch, also John Schroeder and Paraffin Jack Flash
    Hugo does Elton
    another Ray McVay double, also has "Vehicle" on, and a couple of okay-ish other covers
    Phil Brady - more UK country. Pretty good
    O Lucky Man - "Sell Sell Sell"
    German Bert Kaempfert LP, great sleeve. Early 60s with that great loud plucked bass/guitar sound. Those north of the border may enjoy this horror:
    Steve Race doing his jazzy thing on TV Themes, with Tubby Hayes etc
    Buck Owens - classic 60s Bakersfield sound

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    Your'e a star Bongo, could I grab Keith Jarrett, Don Ellis Underground, Stuff Smith and Orquesta Reve please?
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      Am tickled here by

      Sally Go Round the Roses - nursery rhymes educational record
      and the German Bert Kaempfert LP 'Let's Go Bowling'

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        Thanks Bongo. Put me down for Sharona Aron and the Yaffa Yarkoni 'Songs of Israe'l on Philips.
        "You don't want to kill the cash donkey"


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          I would love Holiday In Slovakia and the Montenegro Rocket Man - cheers!


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            Could I get the spike island and the phil Brady please?
            "..hole...road...middle thereof"


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              cheers guys, will PM details.

              also will try and list more freebies and trades in near future so happy to hold stuff if anyone's interested in anything (but not 3 pounds postage interested)


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                Can I possibly have the sesame street,wombles, 2 silver bullet, Hot RS and the Sreve Race TV LP, thank you


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                  you certainly could - pm'ed.


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                    Could I possibly get Dr Murray Banks and Jacques Loussier please?
                    'I have avoided competitive situations because I am not a baboon'


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                      Originally posted by bongolia View Post
                      cheers guys, will PM details.

                      also will try and list more freebies and trades in near future so happy to hold stuff if anyone's interested in anything (but not 3 pounds postage interested)
                      In that case, can you please hold that Medi-Disc How To Lose Weight for me?
                      I have it's brother releases on how to Relax, Stop Smoking and Sleep Better.
                      When I have them all, I plan to play them in sequence without interruption and see what happens . . .

                      Does anyone have Painless Childbirth or How To Stop Drinking?
                      Dave Lee Roth, I Too Am Running With This Devil Of Which You Speak (sic)


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                        Would love the Marx Brothers please Mr Bongolia
                        The Downstairs Lounge


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                          (for some reason Flickr isn't letting me rotate this one)

                          The Congregation
                          Colin Blunstone - nice comp, all taken from first three albums
                          Klaus Wunderlich - the reissue Phase 4 "Chris Waxman" LP, with the saucy sleeve
                          Klaus Wunderlich - reissue of the Golden Hammond one with the great cover of "Summertime"
                          The Unauthorized Version - Hey Jude - this is totally battered, but doesn't come up very often so in case someone wants to hear what it's like (or sample it)
                          The Maranatha Singers - The Joy Album - Xtian
                          Phase 4 World of Thrillers
                          Carlini World of Strings - Leo Muller job, "Spinning Wheel"


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                            another one I just picked up this morning, didn't realise it was yet another version of "South Of The Border" or would have put it in the photo

                            Dali Caldis - Plays Latin - pretty solid throughout, with one great fuzz track in particular ("Trouble Spot" I think?)


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                              Think I've PM'ed everyone now, let me know if I've missed anyone - thanks!