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  • Psych/ Funk / Breaks / Ost / French / Swedish / 45s

    Hi i am mainly looking for funky and/or weird euro 45s (but other suggestions may interest me too) Both classics and unknown stuff are needed.

    What i got

    JOE THOMAS plata´s retreat / a place in space on tk. Bside is where the action is. Great instrumental funk with breaks. Nice flute on the track also

    Monsieur Tranquille - Madame Thibault on totem. Coooly funky french track with Monsieur TRanquille shouting over. Crazy. Bit like Henri Salvador

    Elephant´s Memory - Crossroads... / Jungle gym at the zoo Great PS sleeve with funk/rock classic Jungle gym at the zoo. Rare.

    Prophetic Band - Also Parla Zarathustra on AZ. Funky Instrumental version of this song.

    Duke of Burlington - Flash on Sonet. CLassic euro funk/break

    Duke of Burlington - Indian Fig / Clapping wings rare second single. Clapping wings is the track on this one. Great stuff. vg+

    Monique Thubert - Boof / Avec les orielles EP . Rare french freakbeat yeyegirl on one side and Gainsbourg/Bardot imitation on the other. Both tracks comped. vg+

    Jane Birkin / Serge Gainsbourg - Le Decadanse on Philips. Orchestrated by J-C Vannier. Goodness from Serge.

    Jane Birkin / Serge Gainsbourg - Je T´aime... / 69 annee erotique Rare b-side. Great track in the melody nelson-style. Smooth and funky.

    Annie Philippe - On m´a tojour dit EP gr. freakbeat girl. Featured on Ultra Chicks.

    Hot Blood - Soul Dracula / sans dracula. French funky disco with cool Dracula-voice. Flip is without the Dracula effects.

    Charlotte Leslie - Monsieur harrison Rare psych/yeye single. A bit like Harley Davidson by Bardot.

    Noel Deschamps - Curieux Docteur EP Great male french freakbeat with 4 shouters. Curiex Docteur is the best of them.

    Ronnie Bird - Elle Attend EP great male french freakbeat with STones, Animals etc covers. VG+ Torn on sleeve.

    Daniel Sentacruz Ensemble - Soleado / PER ELISA bside is great instrumental moogfunkversion fo Für Elise by Beethoven.

    Eleventh House w/ Larry Coryell - Funky Waltz on vanguard 74. Democopy. uptempo instrumental funk with cowbells, synthstabs and great horns.

    Mario Nascimbene - Pour va premier... / Shake Italian soundtrack single with great bside SHAKE. A great instrumental shake

    Jess and James w/ JJ Band - Thank You SHowbiz / Motherless child Funky euro with JJ band = Placebo-session musicians.

    Cane & Able - Be free / Maria rare french funk.

    Jimmy Castor Bunch - Troglodyte classic funk with great euro-picturesleeve.

    Mike Stephenson - Harlem in White / Hold up Great euro instrofunk / chase. A good 2 tracker.

    Mogollar - Aglama / Yalnizligin acikli guldurun A side turkish folk/psych. Bside instrumental with nice organ. Bside is the best track. in VG condition but bside plays better than aside.

    Pierre Umilami - Mah Na Mah Na Swedish issue with nice PS. Classic.

    and some LPs

    Merit Hemmingson - Huvva Great swedish folk/funk with nice beats + organ. See VV article.

    Merit hemmingson - Second LP more of the same stuff. Recommended!

    Björn J:son Lindh - Cous Cous with great tracks Kiki & My machine. Great swedish funk with fluteplayers J:son Lindh. I think i saw a article on VV?

    Björn J:son Lindh - Raggie another great Lp. All tracks equally good.

    Janne Schaffer - S/T first (?) LP on Four leaf (private label?) with swedish guitarist. Favourite tracks are the funky/psych tracks Titus / Vindarnas madrass / Jordbruksmaskinen.

    Trader Horne - Morning Way on Janus. Easier to find US press of this Uk acidfolk classic. Featured on gather in the mushrooms comp + RCs weird folk article. VG++

    Fela Kuti - Zombie on french Barclay. Classic afrofunk.

    James Last - Voodoo Party

    Don Sebesky - The rape of el morro CTI jazz funk

    Sweet Salvation LP with great version of "Rocksteady"

    Michel Colombier - Wings with instr hiphop/funk tracks Pourquois pas? & Earth

    More to come!
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    GODZ - contact high LP folk/psych classic on ESP.

    HERE AND NOW give and take LP (charley, prog)

    GOBLIN profondo rosso LP cinevox. Funky italian prog!

    CZESLAW NIEMEN katharsis LP psych/electronic 70s album by this polish star.

    BBC RADIOPHONIC WORKSHOP out of this world LP with Delia Derbyshire, David Cain, Paddy Kingsley, John baker etc

    BBC RADIOPHONIC WORKSHOP st LP rec 196 Paddy, Dick Mills (great funky track), CLarke, Baker etc

    FRANCIS LAI a man and a woman OST LP

    RALPH LUNDSTEN and the andromeda all stars LP Great LP just before Discrphrenia. In the same vein moody psych/electronics/funk.

    BONNIE DOBSON LP 69 rca great funky sitarfolk Beats! Lot of fantastic tracks.

    NINO ROTA il casanova OST LP great N Rota on Cam. As good as Morricone IMHO.

    MAYA ANGELOU the poetry of...LP poetry + jazz

    RICHARD HAYMAN - GENUINE ELETRIC LATIN LOVE MACHINE LP on command, great psych/moog with best sleeve ever.

    GONG angels egg Lp psych/prog vg+

    BENGT AMBRAEUS rota 2 /tetragon LP expo norr /riks rare early avantgarde eletronics from Sweden. I think 1965

    PIERRE BAROUH le divorcement OST LP on Saravah nice jazzy/bossa OST

    MICHEL POLNAREFF second Lp with Ta ta ta ta ta, great french pop. barouquepop and freakbeat.

    ENNIO MORRICONE my name is nobody LP on Dream, great spaghettiwestern/psych ost. Titeltrack is one of my favorite songs of all time.

    ZIG ZAG PEOPLE bubblegum music underground LP psychcovers of bubblegumhits

    SAMLA MAMMAS MANNA st Lp first Lp on Silence, Swe prog/psych

    BONNIE KOLOC at her best LP on ovation. Nice indemand folk.

    ULTIMATE BREAKS AND BEATS (the mexican, handclapping song etc) LP

    MASSADA - pukul tika LP second LP from these euro/latingroup

    MICHEL LEGRAND young girls of rochefort 2LP amazing OST by Legrand, my favorite.

    BANBARRA - shack up 7" UA or 12" Amazing funkclassic. Great drums. United artists original or 12" with extended version.

    CAN spoon 7" Great funky track in nice PS by krautmasters CAN. From Ethe Ege Bamyasi album.

    MISTER K louisiana 7" french moog

    M. legrand The go-between OST 7"

    Les PROBLEMES - dodecaphonie 7" freakbeat by ANTOINEs early band ´66

    JEANNE MARIE SENS en plein coeur / meli melo 7" b-side is something that Brigitte Fontaine could do. French psych/folk.

    JOHN BARRY the persuaders 7" great john barry in nice pic sleeve

    THE CHILDREN fire ring 7" rare psychrock featured on Music to watch girls cry. Very rare single.

    RED BULLET performance/sweet lovemaker 7" french instrofunk

    M. POLNAREFF - Lipstick OST 7" nice instro

    NUOVA EQUIPE 84 casa mia /buffa 7" bside is great italian prog/psych instro, great for sampling

    EARTH AND FIRE maybe tomorrow maybe today / theme from atlantis 7" dutch psych/folk/rock with organ action and female vocals.

    REVERBERI carnaval 2 /studio 3 7" on pausa great instrumentals

    ENNIO MORRICONE le clans de siciliens OST 7" great morricone OST single.

    SESAM LP Sesame street LP 1976 made in Sweden. Feat Mah Na Mah Na. 2 funky songs and one song where Move Move Move is played in the background.
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      some new adds after a record fair / weekend shopping

      John Keating - Space Experience LP with Moog/funktracks I feel the earth move and Jesus christ superstar. great drums. Other tracks are ok but nothing special.

      Pierre Piccioni - Moment of truth on mainstream, US press. Have some nice moody songs on it.

      Willie Tell & The Overtures - Kick-Back / Soul Ranger 45 on Chess. great raw funk. Kick-back is a great trune!

      Little Boy Blues - In the Woodlands of Weir LP great psych/garage with some blues. Lp with lots of flute, organ and Seed of Love have been sampled by Jay-Z. great track!
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        new stuff

        ELECTRIC PRUNES mass in f minor LP David Axelrod classic. Some marks on the vinyl but play very good.

        POPPY FAMILY - Which way you goin' Billy? LP Top psych/folk with Susan/terry Jacks. Include classics like "Free form the city" (recently comped by St:Etienne) and psychout "There's No Blood in Bone" and other goodness. Sleeve have a bit of ringwear.
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          new stuff 24/4

          Marek Grechuta / Anawa - Korowod LP great polish orchestrated psych. track NEW JOYFUL DAY is the first song you hear on A.Votels Music to watch girls by. This copy have a nice poster also. Amazing stuff. ALso check out his third LP

          Ralph Lundsten - Alpha Ralpha Boulevard LP amazing swedish psych/funk/beats on the sampled Horroscope along with other great tracks laid out by Lundsten, J:son Lindh, Schaffer and the rest of the swedish elite.
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            there is also a great folk/funk/psych track on the Marek Grechuta LP called Korowood
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