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  • Mad As March Rares

    Or rather common and easy-to-find records. But I do like to overwork a pun.

    As I've had a day off work, I've had another mini-sort out.

    Some of these are lingerers from previous listings, but I've hopefully done enough of a churn to be able to list summat to tempt a few of you.

    Usual approach from me, I'm really not fussed about 1:1 trading, could be five of my 'lesser' items for one of your bangers and vice versa.

    What am I after in return? Well, I'm still looking for folk stuff with a bit of a groove, femme vox, funky prog, swinging soundtracks, 90s alt-rock (think Faith No More, Smashing Pumpkins etc), grunge, 80s pop 12"s with interesting extended mixes (think I've about completed Japan, Scritti, Associates etc.), bit of indie (still missing a few Smiths items), my mate is after some shoegaze stuff (with Ride being a particular fave). Surprise me.

    Where I would usually be in a rush to sort trades out before taking the 'unwanted' stuff to market, market is now three weeks away (first Saturday in April), so no real urgency this time.

    Femme Vox:

    (Top Right is The Golden Voice of Lena Lim)

    Few Comps:

    Some archetypal VV / VG+ gear:

    (Lord Rockingham has a tear at the top right corner of the sleeve - not dead visible from the pic, but it's about 2" long)

    More of the same:

    Folk-y / Xian stuff:

    (I recently got a spare of Narnia, so only fair to offer my better copy for trade)


    (Jayme Marques is signed - woo!)
    Jet Boy stole my baby.

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    Wouldn't mind the Norma Tanega. I'll see what I can find
    Back to Neuuuuuuuuuu!


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      Originally posted by Benicio Del Toffo View Post
      Incredible hairdo on Ray

      HOLDBAR HIP HOP Podcast