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A Laregish List of Trades. . .

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  • A Laregish List of Trades. . .

    Here is me latest list of trades. . . I'm into OST's/soul/funk/jazz/sitar/psyche/electro/hardcoreravey/drumn'bassy stuff.

    EDITED 03/09/2005. . . err. . .if that is today's date.

    So let me know if any of these are needed. . . most are at least VG+, most better- - - send me a PM with the ones you were after, and I cand dig 'em out and give them a thorough grade for you. They're all originals. . . if they're not better than VG+ you can probably have 'em for free!


    BBC Radiophonic Workshop - Through A Glass Darkly
    The Monkees - Head - Japanese 80's reissue
    Carlos Santos - Voicetracks - apparently private press, mad avant garde "voice music" type stuff
    Archimedes Badkar - 2 - rare 2LP of Swedish free Jazz. . .
    Osanna / Luis Bacalov - Milano Calibro No. 9 (great funky Italian prog OST, Japanese issue from '79)
    Rita Jean Bodine - Sitting On Top Of My World - funky female vox, nice break on "Pacified"
    Hugo Montenegro - Others By Brothers - Funky arp!!
    Sly & Family Stone - Life - fuzzed out classic!
    Morricone - The Burglars (great late 60's Morricone OST, inc. the sultry, sexy vocal cut "Erotico" - I have 1 x sealed US original spare)
    Francous Cousineau - L'Initiation OST
    Clara Nunes - Brasilia
    Jane Birkin - Je T'Aime 2LP compilation - inc. a few of her duets with Gainsbourg, and lots of nice J.C. Vanier orchestra arrangements!!
    Robert Charlebois/Louise Forestier - "Lindberg" French orig - nice Quebecois pop/psych
    Lalo Schifrin - Gone With The Wave - rare Lalo surf OST
    Mikis Theodorakis - The Day the Fish Came Out OST
    Morricone - Peur Sur La Ville OST
    Morricone - L'Umanoide OST
    Morricone - Ringo / The Return of Ringo OST
    Morricone - Il Sorriso Del Grande Tentatore OST
    Elmer Bernstein - The Silencers OST
    Osanna - Landscape of Life (great Italian prog)
    John Williams - Cinderella Liberty OST - 2 great funky tracks here. . .
    Edwin Starr - Hell Up in Harlem OST
    George Duke - I Love the Blues, She Heard my Cry MPS fusion jazz
    Malo - Malo S/T debut brazilian funk/fusion
    Rober Mellin/Gianpiereo Reverberi - The Dirty Game - rare 60's spy OST
    James Brown - Showtime!
    Gil-Scott Heron & Brian Jackson - Midnight Band
    Beacon Street Union - The Eyes of the Beacon Street Union
    Kraftwerk - exceller-8 comp
    James Last - Voodoo Party
    Ted Macero - Virus - Japanese OST - nice late 70's fusion sound from Chick Corea, David Sanborn etc
    Rajesh Rojan - The Hits of Rajesh Rojan - Bollywood Comp


    Maurice Lisaac - Emotion - nice late 70's French funk with lots of slap b ass & potential loops. . .
    Terry Webster - Nic n' Easy - discofunky Standard Music LP from '79 with lots of alto sax. . .
    Telemusic - Disco & Co. Vol 3.
    Action - 1984 Italian library LP with some electro tracks on it, one which is just entirely drum machine, B-boy action!!
    Travelling Orchestra - Volume 3 - nice 60's (?) jazzy French library
    Flash Resonance - Times Incidence - spacey, synth and pretty good late 70's French library
    Themes - Now Playing (TIM 1047) 80's
    Themes - Chartbeat (TIM 1046) 80's
    Bobby Wilson Connection & the 3C's - Music for Radio, TV & Film - United Artists Library LP - didn't know UA did library stuff. .. a few loungey covers on this like "From Russia With Love". . .


    Christopher Komeda - Rosemary's Baby
    Lalo Schifrin - Che
    Nino Oliviero & Bruno Nicolai - Go, Go, Go World
    Goblin - Suspiria Dagored reish
    Michel Fugain & Le Big Bazaar - Un Jour La Fete .
    Claude Bolling - Borsalino
    Piero Umiliani - Mah-Nah-Mah-Nah 7"(from the movie "Sweden Heaven & Hell)
    Hammer Presents Dracula With Christopher Lee LP
    Billy Preston & Syreeta - Fastbreak
    Mel Brooks - Young Frankenstein
    Bernard Herrmann - Music from the Great Movie Thrillers - great comp inc. Vertigo, Psycho, North by Northwest
    Stouffville Grit - B.S. I Love You - not bad at all early 70's US rock
    Francesco Di Masi - Lone Wolf McQuade - nice spaghettish OST to dire Chuck Norris beat 'em up. . .
    Joseph Koo - Big Boss OST reissue
    John Barry - Game of Death OST reissue
    Francesco di Masi - Arizona Colt Spaghetti OST
    Quincy Jones - the Slender Thread OST


    Michel Fugain - Un Enfant Dans La Ville - 70's French concept album type thing
    Rick Wakeman - 6 Wives of Henry VIII - not actually as crap as you're thinking at all. . .
    Serge Lama - Un Ile
    Rockery - Hits of the Rolling Stones - budget LP on Windmill label with a coupla breaks on it, just where you'd expect them to be. . .
    Neil - (he of the young ones!) - Heavy Concept Album - kind of amusing pisstake of psyche
    Harvey Mandel - Shangrenade - great, incredibly sampleable intro on one track. . .


    Steady B - Nasty Girls 12" - late 80's Jive UK issue
    Herbie Hancock - Magic Windows LP - one nice electro cut on this
    Tone Loc - Funky Cold Medina/On Fire 12"
    Humanoid - Slam 12" (well actually early, pre FSOL techno really)
    George Clinton - Loopzilla 12"
    Tyrone Brunson - Sticky Situation (inc. his electro hit "The Smurf")
    Harold Faltermeyer - Axel F 12"
    Rappin' Reverend C Dexter Wise - I Ain't Into That - preachy old school hip hop with an Xtian slant. . have both UK and US issues
    Sugarhill Gang - Rapper's Delight UK orig 12"
    Doug E Fresh & Get Fresh Crew - The Show / La di dah 7"
    Kraftwerk - The Model 7" - 2 spares of this with PS.


    Julie Cruise - Falling / Floating / Twin Peaks Theme 12"

    Star Trek - 2 exciting stories (or something. . .sealed)

    Webspinners - Spider-Man - a Rockcomic - orig US gatefold with poster!

    Redd Foxx - Doin' His Own Thing - black comedy.

    Evel Knievel S/T - SEALED copy of this egotistic spoken word opus.

    New Horizon - The Way To Complete Relaxation

    Electronic Music Vol 2 - early music concrete on turnabout label - John Cage, Ilhan Mimaroglu etc - mental.

    Klaus Wunderlich - Uraltedschnulzensynthesisergags - hellish moog.

    Kings Singers - S/T on EMI from 1973. . .

    Lionel (Morton) - Sings & Plays for the Children - (Contour, 1973) inc. "Play Away" theme.


    Golden Avatar - A Change of Heart - funky hare krishna disco type stuff
    James Last - Non Stop Dancing '69 - not bad at all LP from Lasty - inc. some Hair tracks, plus "25 Miles", "Honky Tonk Woman", "Je t'Aime"
    Ramsey Lewis - Slipping into Darkness / Collage 7"
    Mahavishnu John McLaughlin - My Goals Beyond
    Mike Leander Orchestra - Here There & Everywhere / Ride the Wild Country 7"
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    I'm would really like to trade for a copy of this one:
    Morricone - The Burglars (great late 60's Morricone OST, inc. the sultry, sexy vocal cut "Erotico" - I have 2 x sealed US originals spare)

    Check my tradeslist at
    Jim Lava *


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      hey there, just scanning your list of trades and noticed the howard blake ost ''the elephant rides again'' which i am after. would you be interested in trading this for a copy of jacques loussier's rare ''you only love once'' ost? look forward to hearing from you...



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        Hi guys,

        Yes I would, will PM both of you.




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          Interested in the Elephant Called Slowly OST. I have a recent post of things I've got for trade up, interested in anything there? Let me know.


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            I am interested in the CHAPPELL lp.
            Will send you a list.

            David S.
            God bless Fatso.


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              Lots of interesting goodness added 03/06/2005. ..

              Send me a PM if interested, as ever!!


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                Interested in the Ossana.

                Wallace's list is up here somewhere.


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                  RD Laing

                  I am absolutely desperate for the R.D. Laing record. I am a sound desginer of a play and have been tearing my hair trying to get hold of it. I have nothing to hand that I could put up as a trade but will happily pay for it or offer you free tickets to the show?

                  In any case get in touch.


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                    A few new bits added, someone take 'em away, please. . .


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                      Hugo Montenegro??

                      Would love the Hugo. PM'd ya!!
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