all are mint

frankie gee - date with the rain
david camon - i cant believe i ate the whole thing
mickey murray - fat gal
gene dozier - i wanna testify
houston person - jamilah
bobby bland - i'm so tired
arlean brown - impeach me baby
the unifics - funky thing
the packers - soul time
bobo mr soul - answer to the want ads / hlic
levert allison - loving on my mind
ross carnegie - open up your mind
bad bascomb - funk city
the soul purpose - i'm gonna sock it to me
mickey murray - hit record
triplett - twins - get it
jean wells - he ain't doing bad
the icemen - the loogaboo
jackie edwards and soul makers - evie
leon haywood - clean up your own backyard
harvey scales - leave it for the trashman
cassietta george - lets get it together
georgie boy - youd better quit it
dreams band - charge
tommy bryant - heading home
masters of soul - right on
johnny robinson - funky feet
roy roberts experience - you move me
pat lundy - another lovin kind of feeling
black earth plus - how can you say you love me
lilian hale - don't boom boom
sam and the soul walkers - soul walk
a different bag - track down
the stereos - stereo freeze
lou courtney - do the horse
soul rhythm band - mamas little baby
all points bulletin - walk that walk
the hidden cost - bo did it / vibrations
mark putney - todays man / don't come round here anymore
ricardo ray - nitty gritty
first family - control
tommy bush - put your get togethers together
the goodtimes - at j's joint / dynomite