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    hey hey. u got mail.

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  • Funky Tee
    started a topic new trades!

    new trades!

    East of eden - jig-a-jig/marcus junior
    Deram 1970 -Jig-a-jig: folk-funk tune

    Frank Holder - Barnas hus/bouncy bouncy
    Triola 1977 Norvegian kiddie discofunk

    Lou Rawls - Your good thing/ dead end street
    Capitol 197? David Axelrod

    Blue Mink - Quackers/ Mind if I stand and watch..
    Emi (DEMO) 1974 -UK funk tune with
    Madeline Bell on vocal

    The Showmen -Un´ora sola ti voorei/ Ma perche..
    Rca Italiana -late 60´s Rare Italian beat

    Tipp toy tune - European sound stage orch
    late 60´s Norvegian only 7" made for bubble gum
    commercial. Several nice library cuts on this.

    Willie Hobbs and the dirte four - On the move/gloria
    Mercury (promo) late sixties/early 7´s
    Hammond funk

    The wild magnolias -smoke my peace pipe
    Polydor (promo) 1974 Classic funk 45

    Seven seas - Pat´s jam/super jaws
    Glades 1975 - prod by c.reid. Instr funk with wah wah

    Armando Peraza - Funky broadway/wil thing
    Skye (promo) 197? latin funk/soul

    Dyke and the blazers so sharp/don´t bug me
    Original sound -late 60´s Classic funky soul

    Jo Bisso -Midninght/ don´t fight the feeling
    Editions Makossa 1975 Afro funk

    Society´s bag- Let it crawl/patchwork
    Warner Brothers 1972 Funk instr

    Sweetwater -just for you
    Reprise 1971
    killer cover version of "compared to what"

    Cliff Carpenter and his orch - Hits for dancin
    Metronome 1969 "come together", plus the 60´s hammond
    monster "black venus"