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Looking For 2 USA Pressed Lp's On Ebonite Label

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  • Looking For 2 USA Pressed Lp's On Ebonite Label

    Rock & Roll Album 23 Ebonite E-247 197?
    Rock & Roll Album 24 Ebonite E-248 late 1970s or early 1980s?

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    What exactly are these? I'm none the wiser after looking at the Discogs page.
    "White paper inner sleeve is pristine ..."


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      I'd never heard of this label before, looks like there might be some gems on there.
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        Answer to someone asking the same question on the discogs page:

        'This is a tax scam label, so i have been led to believe. Meaning the label was set up simply to avoid Tax / I R S. I have several on this label , mostly mixed feelings on the total output. Some outstanding music though, a bit like KPM or De Wolfe Music, very varied.'


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          seen this label a few times but hadn't read up on it. The UK 12" singles distributed by President (also as part of the tax scam? can't have sold many) look interesting too, loving the band names which look like they've just been made up to fit each release in question based on the song titles.

          definitely not a library though, the sleeve notes on the back of some of the LPs talk about "music for your home"