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Stan Butcher’s Birds & Brass play Morningtown Ride

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  • Stan Butcher’s Birds & Brass play Morningtown Ride

    I am searching for a copy of Morningtown Ride played by Stan Butcher's
    Birds & Brass.

    It was used as the theme tune to the radio programme Junior Choice
    presented by Ed Stewart here in the UK on BBC Radio 2 from 1968 to 1979.

    Does anybody know which of his LPs this track appeared on, or if this
    track has been released on a compilation CD?

    Any information would be most appreciated.

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    It might be an idea before you ask for much information to introduce yourself in the Hello Peeps thread but, as I'm a kind-hearted old fool, I can tell you its on this...

    ...and presumably also another LP as well as that's a compilation of stuff.
    Mixes, compilations and the like