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Need lupin ost's

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  • Need lupin ost's

    Hey dudes,

    i'm looking for original Lupin osts. can offer trades or cash.

    send along a message if interested,


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    Hi Lambert,

    What is the original year it's from? I have three Lupin albums from the late 90s with tracks by UFO, DJ Mitsu & other popular Japanese DJ/Producers, but these are remix projects.
    (would like to know who did the original tracks)
    Mark GV Taylor


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      yuji ohno is credited as the composer for works starting from the 2nd run of the show, onward. 76-?

      paul nice brought this info to light for me.

      i've read that sound files for the first show (pre '76) were destroyed, or lost and have never been issued. i'm not 100% on that, though.


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        Only place I've ever seen these is Ebay - saw a 7" there too.

        Reckon these probably crop up in Japan quite often. . . search for Lupin at popsike and apparently a 4LP limited box set of the Lupin music sold for $150 recentlyish.

        Hmm. Actually there is a copy of Lupin 3 on - but it's £75.00. Ouch. . .

        If you go to and search for "Lupin" you can see that quite a few of these are out on CD too. Might do as a filler. . .


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          Thanks Viva,

          yeah the recordkingz lp is what sparked an old flame in me.

          i feel the same way about their price, actually all of their pricing. It's should be more like take their price, change it to a u.s. dollar sign, and then divide that by two.

          i managed to snatch the two on the bay just today, although one is just dialogue, from what i've come to understand.

          it's so pathetic,

          i went to sleep to "castle of cagliostro" last night too.


          if anyone has daisy daze and the bumblebeez- planet o, 7"
          or their lp (?)
          i'd be interested.

          cash or trade.




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            One of the LPs I have is by Yuji Ohno, but it's not from the 70s alas. It's from 2001 and is part of a four LP series issued from 99 onwards. (mine is called Lupinistic)
            Has a 60s jazz feel to it, along with a nice bossa & library style track as well.
            Which one's did you bag yourself recently?
            Mark GV Taylor



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              Hey Lambert !

              Sad to say I just scored a copy of that Lupin 3 OST that's on recordkingz for $28 on Ebay !! Groovy. Hopefully it's got the funk.

              Envious Ebay Link

              Send me a PM in a week and a half (when hopefully it should have arrived) and I'll give you a review of it. If it is partciularly bad then I'll sell it to you for what I paid.

              I think your best means of finding this LP is still going to
              ebay->records then searching for "Lupin".
              I'm sure one will crop up soon again.


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                thanks guys,

                i scored a 7" of the theme. what exactly it is, i'm not sure. (the series released upwards of 40 different 7's)

                the other record is dialogue from the motion picture "castle of cagliostro", the dialogue one. i'm hoping some of the incidental music is wedged in between the japanese dialogue!

                Hey Vivachiba,

                i'm definitely down for cash if you don't like it (but something tells me you will )

                i see why i didn't catch it- i was just checking music, not collectables!!!

                beware- as now i'm on the case!!!!


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                  No worries Lambert. Actually when I listened to the soundclips it sounded a little cheesy. . . maybe still worth keeping for that price though.

                  So is this LP the first feature length Lupin movie ?? The IMDB filmography is a little unclear to me. It also shows that the Lupin series kicked off in the early 70's. . .so if there was any TV soundtrack of that released it'd probably be better than the LP I've scored.

                  The search continues !


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                    Honestly Viva,

                    i have no clue as to the context of the album. the show had two seperate runnings. one from 70 on. then from 76 on.

                    the first running never produced any recorded output and masters of all that shit have been lost or destroyed. so that era is a little unattainable.

                    you can't even re-ish it!

                    it's just GONE!!

                    too bad.

                    well whatever. but yeah, i believe your album is incidental music from the shows last season or seasons.

                    hope that helps


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                      oh yeah,

                      if you guys are into the shows at all, check the "secret of mamao" movie. I've seen a few of them and this was the most entertaining, so far.


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                        something i hadn't realized. a lot of the lps are relatively cheap, like hovering between 15- 20 usd. cheaper than an import cd.

                        the 7 i got has Lupin's theme and a a track from 2nd or 1st bgm collection on it.

                        the caliostro record has incedentall stuff in between the sialogue. not bad, but i paid too much for it!

                        lesson learned.


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                          Hey Lambert,

                          I got the LP today, looks pretty good. Will listen to it later. . .

                          See that there are currently 3 Lupin 7" up on the 'Bay. . .one of them - it has Lupin Theme / Love Theme on it - I'm guessing is probably from that record I bagged.

                          Might be worth adding to your collection. . .


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                            good lookin' out!

                            thanks viva.


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                              Hi Lambert. . .

                              Ok, I listened to the LP It's okish . . .a bit too late really. It all feels a little too slick at times, and as it's got so much horn stuff on it. . feels a bit "Kenny G!". There are also one or two vocal tracks (including the Lupin theme).

                              According to the sleeve it appears to be the TV series music. . given that it was issued in 1978, it's obviously from the second run of the series that you mentioned in your earlier post (from 1976 onward).

                              However it's mainly all-instrumental. .. a few of the tracks have spoken work intros, which is a nice touch. They made my wife laugh too. . .

                              DEFINITELY not worth £75, but OK at the price I found it for. I really think you'll have to wait for this to appear for a bargain price again, or else you might be disappointed!