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July - Dandelion Seeds 45

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  • July - Dandelion Seeds 45

    Decided I need this in my life. Not bothered about country of issue but is does need to be the correct vintage - no reissues. Prepared to go large for this.
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    Don't blame you... great tune!!

    Is the Spanish pressing (of which I have a bit of a battered but playable copy) a different mix to the UK Major Minor single...? Or are they both the 'non LP' mix?

    Strange single choices... you'd have thought stuff like 'A Bird Lived' would have been much more radio friendly than 'Hello, Who's There' etc?


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      spanish is also single mix. there is also a mega mega rare japanese copy of it.
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        Must seek a decent copy out - I bought my Spanish July 45 and a copy of 'My Gration Or?' by Opal Butterfly off the same geezer, both play with snap, crackle and pop sadly which means I've only DJd with them once each I think... nothing worse than the more noticeable hiss in the quiet passages of the songs!!