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  • Rick Minas - Caro Minas - Sasha Caro


    I'm looking for information on the singer/songwriter 'Sasha Caro', who released two singles in the late 60's on the Decca label, produced by Cat Stevens.

    Sasha's real name is 'Caro Minas' but he also used the name 'Rick Minas'. In 1966-67 he setup a recording studio in Chalk Farm, called the RayRik Studios.

    In 1966 under the name 'Rick Minas' he wrote and performed a number of songs for the television series 'Danger Man'. It is these songs I'm after. In over 15 years I have found most of them on accetates but am still looking for these 3 titles:

    1. No word from you
    2. Keep me satisfied
    3. Though I know

    More informatio can be found on my website:

    Many thanks,

    Matt Courtman