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  • a few de wolfe needs

    Restless Woman

    I'll trade you 2 for 1 library lps.
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    Ive deffo got a restless woman knocking around.

    Bouquet I dont know but can get Im sure. Anything nice on it? tough. Had one many moons ago and traded it. Only got it back a few weeks ago. Psyce Suki...hmmm. <- Changed URL


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      I have the three (Electroshake only on MD). If you're after them for the Dawn of the Dead stuff don't get excited as there's nothing noticeable or memorable on any of them. I'm quite sure the Restless Woman track was one I didn't even recognise and possibly the same with the other two. The Electroshake one is likely some weird electronic noise that Romero submixed and you'd hardly hear it.
      There are others that apperaed on the cue list but don't appear to be in the film in any noticeable form. I don't have the LPs to hand but 'Synchropulse' was one that iI didn't recognise at all. The cue lists were a bit hit and miss. I think there were some omitted too- Derek Scott's 'Fugarock' was used intact but wasn't on the old official handwritten cue list that someone living in Pittsburgh got hold of.

      I'm after the mall muzak used when the power is first switched on- with comedy whistles, etc That one has eluded me! Anyone help?
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        Originally posted by bionic boy

        I'm after the mall muzak used when the power is first switched on- with comedy whistles, etc That one has eluded me! Anyone help?
        Was that not on the cue music reissue that came out on trunk records? <- Changed URL


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          Nah- cheers for the tip tho.
          It wasn't on the handwritten notes from when the film was made and the vinyl expert at DW can't recognise it. It was used in some brit comeday aswell (sure i mentioned this before- little victorian girl at the zoo laughing at a monkey with a hrd on!!). It'll be sat on some comedy LP form the late 60's early 70's, but I haven't found it. It's the only noteable track I couldn't find.
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            Have you got the no of the LATEST dewolfe used (that you know of) in dotd. Then I can try and limit the search.

            I kicked up these as ones to check. I dont have them to hand but I can.

            DW/LP 2971 - Rhymical roundabout
            DW/LP 3035 - Big top
            DW/LP 3062 - Dinky doo
            DW/LP 3101 - Comedy close up
            DW/LP 3147 - Loony tunes
            DW/LP 3187 - Comedy Close Up No 2
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              I dont know much about the film score, you guys seem to know your stuff.

              dont know if this helps or is completly pointless. you may know this already

              I watched the DVD of dawn of the dead the other day with the romero commentary and he say's at one or two points in the film they used some of the music that actually would be played in the mall, while it was open.

              dunno if that helps at all


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                Originally posted by sermad
                Have you got the no of the LATEST dewolfe used (that you know of) in dotd. Then I can try and limit the search.
                The latest one that I know about is DW/LP3268 'World Power', a brief snippet of one track was used towards the end when they're escaping in the helicopter (the track is 'Action Pack' by Simon Hasely, BTW), though I suspect some of the other tracks could be from later LPs.

                If the mall muzak I'm thinking of is the same one as Bionic Boy's after, I don't think that one's on Dinky Doo - if it's a de Wolfe, I remember it sounding a bit like Reg Wale, but I think I'd need to hear it again to be sure.


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                  3366 Sun High is the latest LP used.

                  What I am working on is a wall to wall isolated score of Dawn of the Dead and these three lps are all that I still need from the original list. I am certain that they would only contain a tiny snippet since I only need a few snippets, save for the slide whistle theme that you speak of.

                  Another track needed badly is the music playing while they are in the gun shop loading up. It sounds like a mix of animal sounds and tribal beats/chants, most likely two tracks combined.

                  One more question, does anyone know which album Dark Earth came from? It isn't on any album from the cue sheet. If we can find that lp, it may contain more music.

                  Albums I have for trade are
                  dwlp 3309 Presence (Arvay)
                  dwslp 3311 More Fretwork (Willi Andrea)
                  dwslp 3348 Fairytale (Hawksworth)
                  dwslp 3317 Images (Myers)
                  dwlp 2857 Illustrations no. 3 (Arvay)
                  smclp 514 Hemishphere (Towren)


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                    you are exactly where I am with DOTD. I paid £18 fro Africa on DW expecting to find that chant/ gunshop track but it wan't there.
                    I asked the dude at DW what LP 'Dark Earth' was on and he couldn't find it. Odd. If anyone knows what the source LP is I'd love to know. This was the only track on the Trunk CD that I didn't already have.
                    Another one I seem to remember not finding was where Roger is dying nad saying 'I don't wann acome back like that and I'm gonna try not to'. It's kind of like the orchestral stuff on Cosmogony (Hudson), but i never actually traced it.
                    I did put all the tracks I have (plus Goblin ones) in order and it ran into 3 CDs.

                    Sermad- I have a mp3 of the mall muzak 'whistle' track if I can send it tou you, somewhere?
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                      Sermad, please help


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                        I too am desperately seeking any and all music that has not been released already from Dawn. I own the Trunk Records album and the Goblin album so I am just seeking any additional library tracks so I can create my own cd with most of the music used. I have nothing to offer but I would be forever grateful for any mp3 that anyone has to offer. Thank you.


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                          Unreleased Dawn music

                          does anybody have or know the name of the song that plays as Peter, Roger, Flyboy and Flygirl are staring over the balcony at all of the dead zombies right before they start cleaning up the mall?


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                            Dawn of the Dead

                            Does anybody have the "cue list" and if so, could they post it?


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                              I saw the cue list years ago and although it was the original one (well a hand-written copy form the original list) it had inaccuracies. There are tracks on there which i have never heard in DOTD (although some are very subtle) and some that do appear but weren't on the list- quite a few actually, even 'Fugarock'.
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