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Kenny Graham - Moondog/Suncat Suite

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  • Kenny Graham - Moondog/Suncat Suite

    hi, i´m looking for an og pressing of this.... i heard one on mgm last night and i don´t know if this is the very first but that would fit..... it needs to be pretty clean, though.... i have trades...

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    not an expensive record, generally.

    there's a couple of 45s from it as well


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      cool, can you get me one? looking for the lp only, though.... for lengthy listening pleasure.... this is some mellow chill stuff.... anyone knows about the pressing variations of it?
      i saw the mgm and there is a trunk reissue.... but i think i read somewhere there is a fontana?????


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        He's spelt the title wrong so may not show on your search MOODDOG
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          Originally posted by crazycrate View Post
          anyone knows about the pressing variations of it?
          Came out in the UK and US on mgm. Same basic sleeve artwork, but the background colour of the UK sleeve is yellow, and the US is purplish.

          Never heard of a Fontana issue.
          "Not only that but the WHOLE COVER is UNCREASED with only 2 or 3 TINY creaselines near the opening edge about half way down!!!! In the same place (about half way down the opening edge), there is an absolutely TINY and PERFECTLY repaired split" (xxxrecords)


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            thanks reza.... i hope his reserve is reasonable.....cfrenz says this is $30 record.....
            any info on sound quality of us vs. uk issues?