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SHACK - Here's Tom With The Weather...

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  • SHACK - Here's Tom With The Weather...

    Long shot as its such a great LP but dont suppose anyone wants to trade this?

    Remember seeing it at the time and quite a few years later but cant seem to get hold of a copy now, stupid me.

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    never seen the vinyl - a tough pull mate,good luck
    Banned (DJ Anchovy)


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      I'll ask around for you mate, I can't part with my Shack vinyl (got everything!) personally but I know a few folk who have it on vinyl... think it's so rare as it didn't sell that many and the vinyl pressing run was tiny anyway... But as I discovered with Waterpistol (I managed to find a few stray copies of the long deleted 'Magical World' and 'Waterpistol' direct from the labels and Mick Head reckons he has a few boxes of unsold Shack vinyl in his loft!) there will be some floating around somewhere!!


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        Cheers lads

        Yeah got my Waterpistol direct from Marina too. Between 2002-04 I used to be in Liverpool a least once a month and this LP was in Probe all the time and came with a free poster! Still to this day dont know why I didnt pick it up as I have all the other LPs and most singles?

        That'd be great, really good of you. Just give me a shout if anyones got one