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ABBA Greatest Hits (Polar) / Hans Arnold Cover

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  • ABBA Greatest Hits (Polar) / Hans Arnold Cover

    I suppose you scandinavian diggers could pick a cheap one up for me. Always liked ABBA but I could never get myself to buy a record by them.

    and just for the hell of it:

    are these any good? Apart from the cover obviously.
    All the Wolpertingers

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    Never knew the ABBA cover was by him It's a euro-bin record, me or someone else could probably find you a free copy in a few days. The thing is the shipping (11 Euros or so, unless you don't need the actual vinyl). I like all the Lundsten ones posted, in particular the Shangri-La album. Gustav III and Skräck och skratt are more avantgarde, Strömkarlen more "light" modern classical.
    My friends once found a Hans Arnold painting in a chazza (digger deluxe!), it's now up on his wall.


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      This is nice. And not really pixelated.


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        11€ shipping is crazy, and exceeds my limit for ABBA records by about 10. Are there any cheap prints/ posters flying out of charity shops maybe?
        THey must have stacks of these everywhere right?
        All the Wolpertingers


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          Originally posted by Cacapo View Post
          11€ shipping is crazy, and exceeds my limit for ABBA records by about 10.
          This is what happens when the post office is privatized. The current owner of the dutch post office 'franchise' (who must be the 5th or 6th company to hold that honour since privatization) decided all LP-sized packages under 2kg ship for the same (higher!) rate, so it costs the same to send one LP as it does to send 6-7 LPs. If you're a small business you can negotiate special rates, but if you're a private collector/seller, discogs orders die overight!
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            That would explain why there are still so many sellers in Germany. Will have to go check the ABBA sections than. Meh.
            All the Wolpertingers